Monday, May 26, 2014

American Girl @ McD's!

Hi guys!
So I decided to pop on and tell you that American Girl is back at McDonalds! 
(As the happy meal toy of course) so there are small plastic Isabelle dolls, paper dolls in a sewing machine looking plastic case, and something else. (IDK what it is) 
And just so you know, you can but just the toy without the meal for $1.94 with tax ;)
So I went to Mcdonalds today, and they only has one but this is the one I got;

The skirt looks (and slightly feels) textured, (like her tutu is supposed to be) 
Of course the doll is plastic, smaller then a mini doll and her hair is cray-cray. (It came in a ponytail but it was falling out so I just let it down)
Well, I hope you guys enjoyed and decide to pick some up! :)