Friday, March 29, 2013


Hey ya'll!

Ellie here. I wanted to show you some fab pics of me in Saige Sweater Outfit!

Love ya'll,

You can see the tank pattern better in this one.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Favorite AG blogs!

Hiya Ya'll!

Sooo.... I just wanted to showcase my,(Silence's) favorite doll blogs!

Here goes...

Madison Of Delightful World Of Dolls She has an amazing blog and posts often!

Pleasant Piper She hasn't posted in about 4 months but I could read through the archives over and over again!

Pretty Lilly she is so cool! She does lots of posts! :)

And those are just a few...

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What are you top 3 favorite dolls?

Hiya peeps!

Just wanted to ask..

What are your top 3 favorite dolls?? In no particular order....

Samantha Parkington,

Cecile Rey,

Rebekka Rubin, she is just so photogenic!

(P.S. Still unsure how I want to spell her name, so you may see a few spellings)

Love ya'll!
Silence. Again.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

20 follower giveaway!


I just wanted to say, as soon as I hit 20 followers, I'll do a giveaway!!!!! Wahoo!!

I dunno what I'll give-away, but something!

Love ya'll,

(Yes I posted this time, not the girlz!!)

Oh, P.S. I messed up, on a previous post I wrote Felicity, when I was introducing my dolls, then i posted pics of Elizabeth, I'm going to fix that, plz go look! Thx!)


An AG Acrostic, actually.

A merican Girl
M olly
E mily
R eliving old times
I love AG
C an always bring a smile to my lips
A merican
N ot unexpensive

G Irly girl or non
I love Samantha!
R ecreating stories
L oved my many girls.

Hope you liked!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bonjour Mon Amie!


my name is Nickole Adriana Fleming, or Nikki for short.

I am almost 16 years old, I will be 16 in December.

This is me.

That's my stock photo. But that is boring. ;p

Signing off,


My name is Felicity Gavriella Merriman.

I am 14 years old. I was my Mommas 2nd doll.



My name is Elizabeth Willow Cole and I was Mommas 3rd doll! :)

I am 14 years old, too.




My name is Rebecca Tiana Rubin and I am 13  years old. I was Mommas 4th doll.
I'm a twin. My twin will introduce herself below, I will let her tell you who she is. ;)
Thats my stock photo.

This is me!



My name is Josefina Montoya, my Momma is unsure of my middle name as of the moment.
 And I was mommas 5th or 6th doll, (unsure because me and Nani came home same day)

But, I am 14.



My name is Kanani-Sierra Alana Akina.

I am 13 years old and a twin. My twin Was Rebecca! Surprised? We have the same color hair, eyes, and both curly! :)
(I'm Mommas 5th or 6th doll, unsure because me and Josie came home same day.)
Thats my stock photo.

*Sorry couldn't find better pics right now*

Signing off,


My name is Samantha and I am 12 years old.
I was Mommas 7th doll.
I was adopted, I mean, besides from AG. I was found at a garage sale. I am a PC.

(My skins not really that pink it was the lighting)



My name is Cecile Amalia Rey and I am 13 years old. I was Mommas 8th doll.

I'm sure you've seen this pic before.

Signing off,


Signing fully off,
the gang.

Friday, March 15, 2013

What doll should I get next???

I am faced, with a dilemma...

If my parents let me get another doll, I need to choose which one. (If because I have 8, and I am running out of room, but I'm making a dollhouse soon so hopefully I'll have more room then, and I need a toy chest in my room, my moms old one)...

These are the options;

JLY #58, whom I need to come up with a name for. I do love her so much, she is so cute!

JLY #44, whom I also need a name.. She is so cute!

Ivy Ling, who I've been wanting for a little while. But I don't think I'll get her when I get my next dollie..

JLY  #56 whom I adore, too, she is a very real possibility! I just again need a name..

and, Marie Grace. I used to not like her, but in person she has grown on me and I need her to finish off my BFF set because I had Cecile and have since last year!! ;)

SO please help me decide.

Someday I'm going to get Lindsey Bergman for SURE off of Ebay because I want her horribly.

But for now I want to get a dolly at the store.



Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Some huge changes around here.

So I already told you I will be posting around three times a week, but there is more..

One, the new design! Do you like? I felt it needed something else, I wasn't happy with the way it was. I may play with the design a little more, so bear with me.

Another thing, I'm going to have my dolls be talking alot, I mean like it was all me talking, but I'm going to have them do most of the posts and I'll cut in on posts. OK?

Like, I have loved this blog, Pleasant Piper so I want my dolls to post, more!  But I will still post reviews etc.. Just the style is a tad dif. I hope you guys like it.
I love ya'll and I'll post tonight....

Silence and her eight girlies.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Please Vote For Me!

Hiya peeps!

PLEASE vote for me!!

I entered The Doll Wardbrobes 2013 Grand Photo Contest, and I really  need some votes!

The grand prize is...


And three (3) runners up get a $35 dollar AG gift card!

I really wanna win.


Anywho, these are my three pics I entered;

This one was for the theme, "model"

For "closeup"


We each got to choose three clues and take pics for those three clues, I chose the ones shown above, we emailed them in by a certain date and now were in a contest, voting ends April 6th and then three, i think people go into a final round.

Please vote for pics

#80, #81, and  #82!

Here is how to vote;

Email Nora Demington at;

and tell her you vote for #80, #81, and #82!!

And you can vote for more than one photo, so you may do more than mine.

But I would dearly appreciate it if you did do mine!



Silence and her precious dollies!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


I decided on something big.
Important for this blog..

I said at the beginning Id post every day, twice a day, etc. I was excited.

My schedule, my life, can't handle that.

Yes, I'll post more than once a week, prob 3+. I just cant handle every day, but I'm sorry..

but I love you guys!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Sickness invaded..

I wasn't posting two weeks ago because my dad got sick, then mom, then me... This week I'm still getting better..
Yes I've Been up to swim and etc... And yes I'm sorry... I'm back next week.