Sunday, December 30, 2012

GOTY 2013!

Hey you guys!

Sorry I haven't posted very much about Saige Copeland, GOTY 2013, I haven't seen most of her outfits because I like to be surprised! But, I will post a few pics..

*These photo's are not my own I give all the credit to their original owners*

(Sorry so small...) At first when I saw this pic, I didn't want her AT ALL! But, then I saw this beautiful pic...

*Baby Gizmo took this picture*
Now, I'm definately getting her! I mean look at those luxurious curls!

Silence and the dollz.

P.S. Are any of you guys getting her?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Does anybody know of good doll Etsy shops?

So yes does anybody know of any good Etsy shops? I'd love to know! I go on Etsy and search "American Girl Doll ____ (insert whatever there) and find good stuff but I'd love to know some shops! I know of a few good sites. But I would love to know more..
 Some good sites are;

My Dolls Life

Doll Clothes Sew Beautiful

Silly Monkey

And I'm sure I have more.. But. :)

Silence and the dollz.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

DollDiaries is having ANOTHER Give-Away!

Hey everyone!

Go check out Doll Diaries they are having another give-away!

Here is the link to the give-away I'm talking about.. Linky! 
Silence and the dollz.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My dolls are so excited!

Hello fellow familiar followers! (Hehe, sorry, I couldn't help it!)

I'm so excited because in my closet I get to build a dollhouse. :) I have known this for a while but decided I'd post about it..

I actually have two closets. Its one big one with two sets of sliding doors.

One side is fully mine.

One is the familys, (but I've taken over half of that, too!) I shoved/cleaned/got rid of stuff to one side of the closet, (so my closet is only using half) so there is an empty area. That is where we will put shelves and everything in.


I'm excited. Very. For now, till we do build it, I set up rooms on the floor.

It's very fun.

I have an idea of a room, to do in the dollhouse. It would be Cecile/ and someone elses room, (because CeCe is French, and I love how fancy French is! Ooh la la, Je Tem, fellow followers!) It will be the leftover blue paint from my room, and black and white fabric. The black and white fabric will be bunched all along the back wall..
Ooh la la!

And then I'll add fancy French accents, and eiffel tower or two.. You get the point!

Silence and the dolls.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Giveaway over at Doll Diaries!

Hello doll world!

There is a giveaway over at Doll Diaries please go hop over and check it out! (There are more than one on there!)

Silence and the dollz.

DollTography Tuesday!

Hey everyone!

It's time for.... DOLLTOGRAPHY TUESDAY! WOOT WOOT! (Sorry I missed the last couple weeks!) Enjoy!

Silence and the dollz.

I really like this one.. :)

Expierementing for a contest I entered over on American Girl, I didn't end up using this picture, though. (P.S. This was supposed to be the tin man and Dorothys dog on the yellow brick road!)

Elizabeth dressed up as a nurse for when we tightened Sams legs! :D

That's all for now, folks! Stay tuned for more, Dolltography Tuesday!

(I sound like a commercial, which was exactly my point!)

I just can't think of ANYTHING to post about!

I just can't think of ANYTHING to post about! So comments saying what you would like to see, (dolltography, reviews, etc) I would appreciate it! Thanks.
Silence and the dollz.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Hey you guys!

I've missed you. But I am also busy, as is every person at one time or another.

Here are some pictures for you guys!

We took my Samanthas head off to tighten her leg strings..

(Sorry, that is my dads hand in the background.)

Her empty body... :( (And her shoulder sockets)

That is how much stuffing comes out of an AG doll! Seriously!

The charmkeeper necklace is a wonderful picture prop, it takes amazing pics! ;)

Love you guys!
Silence and the dolls.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Hey you guys!

Really sorry I haven't been posting. I have  been doing schoolwork, organizing my doll stuff. ( :D ) Crocheting doll stuff, ( :D ) and yah. But, I have been taking lots of doll pics... So HERE THEY ARE!!!

(Oh, and this is just some)

(Headband in CeCes hair)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these brown oval glasses on Elizabeth!

Well, that's it for now, you guys. Love ya'll, and talk  to you tomorrow!
Silence and the dollz.. :D

Friday, December 7, 2012

My Dolls Life!

This morning I've been looking around at My Dolls Life  and found they have some really awesome clothing! Here are a few quite cute outfits I made up look around at their site and using their doll separates! 

Only $8.50






Now, wouldn't that be a cute outfit? I would love to wear it! Here is another;

This shirt.. ($9.95 and you choose your color)

This vest... $10.45


(Choose your color) $7.45

I went off this                                                         ^ I accidentally had the aqua colored shirt, (not realizing it was the same) so I deleted that and chose the striped, chose a skirt, and didn't know she had on boots, then I realized she did but had already decided to get some so chose similar ones.. Anyways!

Love ya'lL!
Silence and the dolls.




Amazing Give-Away at DollDiaries!

Hey everyone, hop on over to Doll Diaries and take a look around! But, while your over there go enter some of their wonderful giveaways! Such as this  one! This one ends November 9th, but I'll be posting about a few more with a later due date in just a little bit!
(Look forward to some more awesome posts coming up today!)
Silence and the dolls.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hey everyone!

I was just curious if you guys think there is anything I could do better on my blog.  I need some feedback, how do you like my blog?  What else would you like to see on my blog? I really need to know. 

Please please comment saying what I should do, this really means alot to me, I don't have an actual post for tonight but I promise, I will be having some great posts this upcoming week! (Including AG reviews! woohoo!)
Love ya'll soo much!
Silence and the dolls.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Sorry I hadn't had any real posts up in a couple days, I've been sorta busy. And just haven't really had the chance.

Well, American Girl had Cecile and Marie-Grace %61 off this morning! I got to it to late though and everything was sold out, but they had their bed on sale too! That means the dolls with accessories were $51! It's because they had it on "Jills Steals and Deals" and "Today" show.  I've heard it sold out in 45 min!! WOAH! I was really hoping to get Marie Grace to go with my Cecile, oh well... Did any of you guys get anything from the sale? I hope they do this again, but next time I'll know!
Talk to ya'll later. Sorry it's a short post, but like I promised, here is a picture!
Silence and the dolls.

An edit I did.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

GiveAway On American Girl Central!

Hey everyone!

There is a give-away on a great blog I follow! American Girl Central That is the link to the blog post about the giveaway, so hop on over there and enter! But, whileyour over there why don't you take a look around? It's a REALLY great blog!

Well, I'll talk to ya'll later!
Silence and the dolls.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Purple Sparkly Doll Sneakers Review!


So, yesterday evening my Dad went out to check the mail and what did arrive but.. 


I had ordered twice from Cyber Monday, if you will remember, and my sparkly boots have come in!

They are very pretty! I am very glad I got them, here are some pictures...

The Front, see how there are actual lines on the front like sneakers? And the toe part is really hard rubber, too!

The bottoms look like real soles...

Relaxing with sparkly boots, what could be better?

The whole thing!

So cute!



Now for the actual review part of it..

I absolutely love these boots! I am sure they will go with anything, Elizabeth was our darling model today, and she was wearing white leggings, a lets celebrate shirt from an AGP birthday package, and these new boots. Later, I paired it with a scarf I crocheted out of pompom yarn, and it was SO gorgeous. These boots seem durable, even for dolls. The odd thing, is that the purple sparkley fabric is stretchy, but on the inside it is backed with white fabric, nonstretchy.. But, anyways I love these boots and am very glad to own them. They cost only $6 on AG's clearance, but normally you would have to buy them with the Sweet Melody outfit, which is retired.
 Thank you!
Silence and the dolls.



Hey you guys'! 

Sorry I didn't post yesterday or Friday, Friday I was out with my grandma, yesterday was Shabbat for my family. 

But, I'm getting on today and that's all that matters! Anyways, I'm going to post a review on Sparkly Doll Sneakers in another post! 

See ya over there!

Silence and the dolls.