Saturday, February 23, 2013

I missed you!

Hey everyone!

I missed you and I know I didn't say I was leaving but I didn't have the best week ever, so I just didn't post. I'm really sorry and Im back! Ill post a few random pics now, enjoy!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

American Girl Release!


AG did a release last night! WOOHOO!

Anywho.. Pics!

Garnet is SO cute! I am more than likely getting her.
The pet birthday set is such a sweet idea! Looks like an ice cream cake.
I love that this attaches to.....
This bike! I want this SO bad but its $100. I may still get it, though. They are both such great ideas! AG used to have a bike, I think.
This biking outfit is cute, but not my fave.. :*
I love Mollys bed! Though it looks like Kits just a dif color.. Limited edition along with..
These cuties! I love the color blue.
This. Is. SO CUTE! Its halter top and adorable! I don't feel comfortable wearing halter tops, but theyre cute for this outfit! I LOVE the tennis shoes!
THIS IS ADORABLE! I mean even though its terry cloth, it could double as a dress if you added leggings! I mean they made Ivy a terrycloth jumper..
This is so adorable! I love plaid and the colors are amazing!
This.. Is.. ADORABLE! The shoes, are, amazing!
Carolines new workdress is so cute! I love the colors.

I love the styling chair!! I wanna get an OG one though because this one is $60!!
In the bathrooms at AG they have these, you set your dolls on them in the stalls! The medal goes under their arms, its curved.  I'm gonna ask my Dad/Grampa if they could make me some! ;)
So, I definately getting a few things from the release.. You? It wasn't a big one, but a good one!
Silence and the dollz.

DollHouse Photos 3!

Hola Mi Amigos!

Here is part tres (three in Spanish) of the doll house photos! Enjoy!

*REALLY sorry its sideways!*

So, this is Kits Cookstove with a few added accessories!

This is an OG phone, all the OG accessories you'll see in the kitchen came with my OG kitchen. :)
Oh, the phone comes off the base/charger!

The pink cannisters are OG, the bottle was a real medicine bottle a friend gave to me!

The biggest one holds cookies, see? ;O

This is the top shelf of the cookstove.

This is the strainer.

The peaches. They get very dusty inbetween each peach. :(

This is the canned jarred peaches...(Is that how you spell jarred? It looks funny.. Is it even a word? I believe so..  *Sigh*..)
This is the top of the jar, it has two like, tab thingies, they hold in the metal bar, but its hard to tell 'cause its blurry, sorry!

This is a water/whatever jar, it was a decoration thing but my parents let me have it. :)

This is the bowl, its kinda cute!

*Sorry for the absolutely HORRID photo!!* These are the peaches. They look more er, appatizing in real life.

The cutting board type thing made to look like granite. And yes that is food made of polymore clay that I made!

The thermometer on the oven.

The door to the fire..


The FIRE! Sorry... LOL. Um, the background fire image is that texture of the like, bookmarks that have the 3D image, or when you tilt it is has a dif image.. YOu know what I'm talking about? That is what it feels like, but it doesn't do anything fun.. :I It should make crackly noises like the new chalet.. :O

This is inside the oven.

This is Kits pot!

Its nice, big, and.. Speckled! Lol. :D

This is the cupboards!
In one we have spoons! The wooden one came with Kits Cookstove, the plastic pink is from OG, and the one in the far back is from an old tea set.
In this one we have.. Cooking supplies!
We have an OG measuring cup, made to look like the ones by Pyrex.
An AG cookie cutter. <3
And OG measuring spoons that stack into each other!
See?? I wish they said like TBS or something, though!
So, I have three more posts to do, two kitchen one schoolroom, but for tonight I have to do an AGreleaase post, so for now I'm gonna go, watch out for another post though!
Silence and the dollz.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DollHouse Photos 2!

Hello peeps!

Here are your promised photos, aren't I doing great? :)

And, my most favorite room......................................................................................................................................................


Isn't it cute??

This, my friends is from OG, and one of my favorite pieces!

Through the Kitchen you can see the bedroom, and in the distance the living room.

*Sorry its sideways* This is the center, er, open-front cabinet, I guess could say? Right now I keep my hot cocoa making things here, sprinkles, cocoa mix, and mugs.

This is the inside of the cocoa box.

Then there are seperate packages, single ones, you could say. Sorry its blurry, its says Hot Cocoa on it, but my camera doesn't take good macro pics. And I dunno where the uploader/charger is to my moms cam or else I could use that. Hers takes good macro pics.

The clock is very cute, but its always stuck at 2:25...  LOL. But the fun things about it is.....

IT OPENS! YOU CAN STORE THING INSIDE IT!!! Sorry, I'm a Nancy Drew Fan, so I like things that are hidey holes.. :P

This is the top shelf, it has Basil, a Cactus, cleaning supplies, (spray) and the dinner bell.

This is the second shelf, it has Vanill and a make-it-whatever-you-want cooking-supplie! ;O

The sink! The, and for lack of a better word, 'knobs' actually turn, and so does the nozzle! The soap is just normal molded plastic and the sponge.. Is Spongey! :O

SEE????!!!!!!!!?!!??!???!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? Its so, like a real sponge! Hehe.. Squish.. :)

*You just witnessed, my nerdiness.* LOL.

The stove. It is like an old fashioned burner stove. With two, (there is another but it was in the picnic bag) shakers, and the grocery list!

The list! The red says *Don't forget the coupons!* And, you can fairly read the rest.

The knobs actually turn, which I showed you.

This is the inside of the stove. The shelf comes out.


This is the drawer underneath, all OG things, muffin tin, cookie sheet, bread pan, and skillet.

The cupboard

Thats whats inside. Oh, the bag is AG flour that came with the sweet treats bakery case, and if anybody ever wondered whats inside that bag... (like me) Oh, and if you put things in this cabinet, be careful because stuff may fit, but very hard to come out. *Ahem*

REALLY soft fabric filled with something.. :D


The dishwasher, and yes all three come out. The top ones for silverware.

So, that is just the main part of the OG Kitchen, I still have yet to do the fridge of this set, Kits CookStove, SweeTreats Bakery case, and thats the Kitchen. Then I have the schoolroom.

BUT, There are MANY more pics, so tata for tonight!
Silence and the dollz.