Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DollHouse Photos 2!

Hello peeps!

Here are your promised photos, aren't I doing great? :)

And, my most favorite room......................................................................................................................................................


Isn't it cute??

This, my friends is from OG, and one of my favorite pieces!

Through the Kitchen you can see the bedroom, and in the distance the living room.

*Sorry its sideways* This is the center, er, open-front cabinet, I guess could say? Right now I keep my hot cocoa making things here, sprinkles, cocoa mix, and mugs.

This is the inside of the cocoa box.

Then there are seperate packages, single ones, you could say. Sorry its blurry, its says Hot Cocoa on it, but my camera doesn't take good macro pics. And I dunno where the uploader/charger is to my moms cam or else I could use that. Hers takes good macro pics.

The clock is very cute, but its always stuck at 2:25...  LOL. But the fun things about it is.....

IT OPENS! YOU CAN STORE THING INSIDE IT!!! Sorry, I'm a Nancy Drew Fan, so I like things that are hidey holes.. :P

This is the top shelf, it has Basil, a Cactus, cleaning supplies, (spray) and the dinner bell.

This is the second shelf, it has Vanill and a make-it-whatever-you-want cooking-supplie! ;O

The sink! The, and for lack of a better word, 'knobs' actually turn, and so does the nozzle! The soap is just normal molded plastic and the sponge.. Is Spongey! :O

SEE????!!!!!!!!?!!??!???!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? Its so, like a real sponge! Hehe.. Squish.. :)

*You just witnessed, my nerdiness.* LOL.

The stove. It is like an old fashioned burner stove. With two, (there is another but it was in the picnic bag) shakers, and the grocery list!

The list! The red says *Don't forget the coupons!* And, you can fairly read the rest.

The knobs actually turn, which I showed you.

This is the inside of the stove. The shelf comes out.


This is the drawer underneath, all OG things, muffin tin, cookie sheet, bread pan, and skillet.

The cupboard

Thats whats inside. Oh, the bag is AG flour that came with the sweet treats bakery case, and if anybody ever wondered whats inside that bag... (like me) Oh, and if you put things in this cabinet, be careful because stuff may fit, but very hard to come out. *Ahem*

REALLY soft fabric filled with something.. :D


The dishwasher, and yes all three come out. The top ones for silverware.

So, that is just the main part of the OG Kitchen, I still have yet to do the fridge of this set, Kits CookStove, SweeTreats Bakery case, and thats the Kitchen. Then I have the schoolroom.

BUT, There are MANY more pics, so tata for tonight!
Silence and the dollz.

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  1. Hi Silence!
    That kitchen is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! (And cute!)

    Your Horsey BFF


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