Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hiya guys!!!!



Anyways. Sorry for not posting, I've been really busy and it just slipped my mind. I'm sooo sorry! But, I got some awesome doll stuff!

Know, you already know about Molly, but then last Friday I got another Kanani! FOR FREE! From my grandmas friends granddaughter. (Did you catch that? lol) I took off her wig and use it on my dolls. lol. She is going to the doll hospital for a new head, (only reason I took off her wig, and I've been wanting to do that..) and then she will be posted on Ebay, once she sells I will have money for Saige! WOOT!

And then... Sunday I saw an ad on Craigslist for a yard sale with doll stuff, so I went with my grandma, didn't see anything. :( I didn't freak, though, we asked and the lady was like " I FORGOT TO PUT IT OUT ALL WEEKEND!" SO I got to weed through EVERYTHING. IT. WAS. AMAZING!!!!!!! There was Molly, (Which I think she wouldn't let me buy because I already had Molly.. I was trying not to mention that but it came up and, well, *le sigh*.) She had EVERYTHING RETIRED! The only non-retired things were a few Molly stuff, but those were ALL PC! THERE WAS NOTHING MATTEL! IT WAS HEAVEN ON EARTH OF DOLLS! xD SO, I gave her tons of information on how, where, when and for how much to sell it, so in return she gave me good deals. I threw out an offer because she had no clue. xD So, for $35 I got..


MOLLY BIRTHDAY DRESS! The old one with socks, pin the tail on the donkey, a jump rope, a crown, and the dress. (duh)

THE OLD HIKING SET! Included; backpack, first aid kit, (scissors tape gauze pads and bandaids) waterbottle, windbreaker, shirt, shorts, (in package) socks, (tissue paper inside) hiking boots, and I think thats all...

MOLLYS SCHOOL SET! Even though I got one with my Molly mine didn't come with everything. So this one came with everything; bag, flashcards, notebook, paper, 2 pencils, 1 colorful pencil, 1 eraser, school book and report card. (Slightly stained)

AMAZING DEALS! I could easily probably make $200, (really a $165 dollar profit) but I don't want to, I've been wanting all this stuff- so it's a blessing to have, thank you, Miss, for giving me such a deal! I'm glad I helped you in return!

So I will post a vid of everything tomorrow, but in the meantime here is a link to a stopmotion including all my new stuff.. (Thats my YouTube, btw! Please subscribe, comment, and rate! :D )YOUTUBE VID!

*Silence was here*

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I just realized..

That I have over 70 AG books! Geeze, Louise! xD 
Anyways ttyl!
*Silence was here* 
P.s I'll show what books I have from AG soon!

Friday, July 19, 2013

White Bodied Molly!!

Hey Guys!!

So Tuesday night I was on my local Craigslist and guess what I found...

A WHITE BODIED MOLLY! But, I didn't know she was White Bodied at the time. The listing had no pictures, she said she needed a new wig and it was make offer. I thought about it for a while and Prayed, It wasn't technically in the AG budget, considering I'm saving for Saige. But I decided to buy her and sell her. Everyone was saying I'd end up keeping her if I got her, but I knew I wouldn't because the thought of keeping her wasn't thrilling me. Well I emailed the lady and for the first time ever, I got a response on Craigslit! (WOOHOO!) I offered $20 and she accepted! I was SO excited!! The lady lived near the shop where my Dad works so he said he would pick her up for me the next afternoon. I had my BF and her sis over that day, and finally, finally!! After waiting for a whole day, I heard the car door slammed, I flew outside and grabbed Molly and gasped! I could see the white poking out like you can in the picture. I was about to cry, scream, I got shaky and hot. I couldn't BELIEVE what I held in my hands. A white bodied Molly for $20! The greatest find of my doll life so far! (Sorry, Samantha!) Instantly my friends and family were like "She is keeping her!" I just nodded. Her hair was very ratty and is still very frizzy but I'm going to do my research. For now I have washed it twice, brushed it and its in braids right now. But this isn't all, she also came with her school bag, glasses, glasses case, school book and flashcards! I just have to find the couple missing pieces! I almost bought that set from American Girl and a MB, for more than I paid for the doll and it! I am SO excited! Its from 1986, too! I believe Molly is from 1986 because the school bag is. :) The lady who sold her to me said her daughters loved this doll and hoped she was going to a good home. The lady was also selling doll clothes for $4. (Starting at price, anyways) Now that story-time is over lets get on to photos!

Her mouth was dirty but a soaking Q-Tip fixed that. A wet rag and some Magic Eraser fixed the rest of her, too. I was grossed out at the color she turned the rag. xD

(Sorry for messy background! xD)

(These photos are all before her hair washing and skin cleaning by the way)



Same shoes as my Samantha. (Only one of Sams shoes were broken. :( )


Before when I wanted this set, I was like "Oh, I wont' have Molly.. And it says her name.. Oh well!" Now I do! :D ♥

(The rubber band broke and left marks on the cards. :( )


 SEE? No big deal, really! :)

Okay, so this post freaked when I posted it the first time and didn't finish the post so I'll fix it Sunday or Monday.. :(


Our Generatian Camper and Jeep giveaway at DollDiaries!! (YIPEE!)

Hey guys!
Over at Doll Diaries they are having a giveaway for the Our Generation Camper and Jeep!!! The Giveaway Link . I am So excited as I've been wanting this for forever!! I hope I win! I hope you you enter!
*Silence was here*
P.S. I have an awesome post about my white-bodied Molly I got on Craigslist coming up later today! :O

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Interview with Anna and Layne!

How did you find my blog?   American Girl Fan
What American Girls do you have?  Felicity
Who is your favorite?  Felicity, but I also like Elizabeth 
Which one do you want next?  Probably Marie-Grace or Emily 
Do you like the new release items from AG?  Most of them, but in my opinion  I think they should not do as much for the Just Like Me dolls and more for the Historical Characters-not that I don't like the Just Like Me's :D  
Which new item is your favorite?  Well, she's not very very new, but I really like Caroline :)  
Is there anything  I could do to improve my blog?  Not much, I like it!  
Will you tell others about my blog? Yes!  :D
Do you have a Youtube? No
Do you have an Etsy shop? No, but I really want to have one some day :)  

How did you find my blog? Through my sister :)
What American Girls do you have?  Kit, and I'm about to get Saige!  
Who is your favorite?  Kit 
Which one do you want next? Saige!  :)  
Do you like the new release items from AG?  Sort of, but I wish they would put more into their Historical Characters.
Which new item is your favorite? Saige :D
Is there anything  I could do to improve my blog? Not really, I like it how it is.
Will you tell others about my blog?  Yes, probably.  
Do you have a Youtube? No
Do you have an Etsy shop? No.
Thanks so much, girls for letting me interview you! I will have more interviews up this week! If you don't see yours it will be put up, but I have to put them up in order of whom and when I interviewed if that makes sense!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

When I reach 30 followers...

I have a special surprise! So only 7 to go! Thanks for all the new followers!

* Silence was here* (Doesn't that sound funny!? xD)

Monday, July 8, 2013

New AG release part 2!!!

Hola guys!! :D
Starting from where I left off...

ADORE these shoes!

 This girl is a darling! :D
 Sooo pretty and elegant! These might've been a dif release though. Sorry.
 Wasn't sure if these were new or not.. :P

 Soo cute! Love BT's.
 The new hoodie.
 A (blurry sorry) pic of the doll sized doll tote bag. :D
 Store exclusive swimsuit.
 (Sorry its blurry) the SCHOOL LOCKER! ON MY WISHLIST! :D

 Cutie patooties in new clothes, with the (school) background! :)
 The new lunch kit..

 ^Sadly this stuff in the bottom is stuck.. :P Stupid AG for that! xD

 The carrying case turns into a placemat. Didn't know thats why there were clasps on it.. ahahaha... Didn't think to take pics of it when it was unclasped.. I forgot to take pics of this stuff till my mom reminded me, I was having a little to much fun. xD
 New school backpack.I just want the books.. But may get the set.

 I have the science one from the old set. I'll have a new science book, too, when I get the science set!!

 LOVE the new one.
 Her too...

 New hoodie!

Ok, guys. I have SO many interviews to post.. That'll be all week long... LOL.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


My computer isn't uploading photos.. Part 2 up later this week.. Sorry!

Pics of new AG releases! (FROM STORE)

Hi guys!

Sorry it took so long to do review of all the new releases, but on Friday I took pics AT THE AG STORE! :D I have another story about that, too I'll write about down below.

 How sad! :'(
 Molly's whole collection
 I had to get a shot of the two BFFS!
 I LOVE Saiges tunic outfit! I'm going to get all her clothes as soon as I get the money!

 Her fiesta set was cute, but not worth the money IMHO.

 The new bag...

The track set is just ok.. I mean.. I dunno.. I like some of the pieces, but not together.. Who knows, I may end up getting it for mix and match opportunities.

 I like this set, I think its cute!

 I like the bun! I doubt I'll get it, but I think its cute! :D

 Site view

I love these! I may buy the ones for girls from a dif store though to use for them... They should make feathers for dolls! And feather earrings! ^.^

 I LOVE the snack cart! Though I don't think it'll be coming home for $150.. :(

 I ADORE THIS OUTFIT TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH! *Ahem* Its something I would wear! And pretty much do!

 New hat

 I don't do witches, AT ALL, but its still a cute set.
 I think these are cute! I like the pop of colors!

 LOVE! I love my red ones from the sea breeze outfits so I'm planning on buying these!
 These are really cute! I love them!

 I am in between on these, we will see if they come home or not. They look like a blue pair of my dads old brown slippers.. LOL They'd make good slippers, actually, I could line them in fur.. xD

 New hangers.
 I LOVE this outfit! its SO adorbs! :D I am DEF planning on getting it!

OK, so that is all that would upload on this post so I'm gonna have to do a part two.. lol...

So the cool story was this; 
On my bday we heard about a free Saige Paints The Sky Screening at the theater by the AG store I live near. Well it was already sold out. They told us to just go and see if there were no shows. Well one day last week I remembered, so I started calling 2 days before.. no cancellations.. The day of.. none.. Well my mom told me she would take me and watch for no shows. Well you walk up the steps to the theater, and there is a red carpet with velvet rails and all, a banner that says American Girl in tiny letters all over like a celebrity banner, and a hot air balloon made from real ballons! And a table with AG people. We walk up and I told them I came to see if there were no shows I was told I could. They were checking the list AS WE WALKED UP! They handed us tickets and were like "what? We got in?" I am trying to NOT cry! LOL! I got fake tickets, cute ones, and a doll sized ticket. So we go in, excited, I text people telling them.lol. We got free popcorn, soda, candy, yah! The movie was GREAT! I DEF recommend it! Well, on our way out their handing out goodybags, which I'd heard about! YAY! In it was a Saige poster, (I already have) A Saige Movie poster, (didn't have) Saige tee shirt, (have, from her debut, as well as the poster was from her debut, too) mini popcorn, Saiges sketchbook, (saw on Ebay, bummed didn't have, know I do!) and AG Magazine! AAH! It was AMAZING!
Thank you, LORD! :D

I'm gonna go work on part two..