Sunday, August 31, 2014

Photoshoot! :D

Hey guys! 

Basically all day today I was playing with my doll things and I had a great time ^.^ 
I also took a bunch of photos! For this post and more to come. ;) 
I also have lots of updates! (So keep reading till the end to find out what they are!)

I decided to use Cecile as a model today, she is one of my favorites and absolutely stunning. These photos don't do her justice. 

Now for the updates!

I'm going to be making a small dollhouse in my room! (Probably) but if I do end up doing it, it will be a while. But I really want one, because I want to play with my dolls more, but don't since I have to take over a whole room when their out. :P and because I really wanna keep up this blog and my YT channel better!

Also me and my mom are seriously toying with the idea of making an etsy shop. If we did would you check it out/possibly shop?

Also if I made an Instagram would anyone follow me?

I'm gonna make a boy doll. *insert gasp* ;) it again will be a while but I want him as a model for the etsy shop. (Hint to what we might make!) I think I'm going to make a Peeta doll first, (from THG because I LOVE THG,) then I want to make one with black hair and green eyes. :) 

So I think that's it! A lot I know!!
Please comment down below opinions on all these updates! Thanks! 

Silence. (And Cecile!) 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I have the sneaking feeling Marie Grace and Cecile will be gone, day after tomorrow, (Thursday) with the BeForever Launch. They haven't said that, but they said their retiring and they haven't showed them. 

I'm really sad, I really wanted Marie Grace.  :( 

I might to go AG to see the launch if  I'm not busy. If not I'll go soon and take pictures.

Is anybody else sad about them leaving? And them changing the dolls? The only good thing is Sam is coming back and I love Sam. ❤️

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hi guys!

Hey guys! :)

So I'm working on some posts but in the meantime....
Have any of you ever bought any doll things off Craigslist? If so tell me about it!
I got my white bodied Molly off CL for $15! I didn't even know she was white bodied till I got her in person! That was crazy. 
One time I saw a listing for FREE 4 dolls plus clothes, she lived kinda far but dad said he would take me, sadly she never responded. :(
 yesterday there was a Lindsey for $20obo but she had been on there to Long I knew she would be gone. (Plus she was far from me) the Lindsey was kinda rough but I've ALWAYS wanted Lindsey, and I love projects. 

So how about you? Any fun finds on CL?