Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh no!

A post I had tried to upload at the end ofSeptember  failed publishing and I didn't know! I'm so sorry!! I'll reupload it this week :)

Pictures at AGP!

What are Ya'lls opinions on Samantha? I honestly don't like the new Samantha.. I love my PM one, the new one doesn't seem like Sam and her hair looks greasy.
THE LIGHT TURNS ON! That made me literally so happy XD
I want this outfit so badly!
I love these shoes so much 😍
I WILL own her!

Here's the in store exclusive!

If you couldn't I was enjoying taking artsy photos 😝
I also bought something I'll post that later!

I know I always say this. But I literally feel SO bad I'm not posting. It makes me cry  I feel so bad. But I have 2 weeks off school and I'll take pics for posts!