Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pictures at AGP!

What are Ya'lls opinions on Samantha? I honestly don't like the new Samantha.. I love my PM one, the new one doesn't seem like Sam and her hair looks greasy.
THE LIGHT TURNS ON! That made me literally so happy XD
I want this outfit so badly!
I love these shoes so much 😍
I WILL own her!

Here's the in store exclusive!

If you couldn't I was enjoying taking artsy photos 😝
I also bought something I'll post that later!

I know I always say this. But I literally feel SO bad I'm not posting. It makes me cry  I feel so bad. But I have 2 weeks off school and I'll take pics for posts!


  1. Yeah, Samantha's kind of disappointing, but, I guess that's just AG :) YAYYY! You're back <3 Can't wait for more awesome posts :)

  2. I think Samantha is cute, but I don't think I would be interested in getting her. And I actually don't remember what she used to look like. :O

    I love the photos you took! I love those shoes too! And the skirt and pink knit hat. The cariage is amazing!!

    And Silence, don't feel bad about not posting, it happens to everybody! It's great to share things when you can! <3


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