Saturday, June 25, 2016

Caroline rides the bike!

Today it was Carolines turn to play on the bike! We put some flowers in the basket this time, which gave the photos a nice pop of color!

 Aurora photo-bombing  


Friday, June 24, 2016

Aurora plays outside!

Now that it's getting into the summer months, I decided to pull out my dolls again and do a photoshoot of them playing outside.. Although, from the weather, you wouldn't really be able to tell it's summer ;)

I will be posting this shoot in multiple posts, so stay tuned! :)


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Two Outfit Of The Days!

Hi guys!
Today I'm bringing you two outfit of the days, one with Mary-Ellen and one with Caroline!

Today Caroline has her hair up in a stylish messy bun, the polka dot bikini brief and tank top set, Saiges tribal print sweater and leggings, and Saiges meet boots. I really like this outfit because I like that I mixed patterns, with the small polka dots and then the larger pattern of the sweater. It's a cozy outfit, perfect for winter. Looks like she might be going to school or out with friends!

Mary-Ellen is wearing her meet shoes, a scarf I made myself, Isabelles cream leotard and Mollys meet skirt. (This one is longer and wool as it is pleasant company from 1986, in case you're wondering why it looks different) I feel like this is something similar to what Mary-Ellen might've worn, just a bit modernized, but as you know I never keep my dolls in their set time periods. I think the outfit is a little season-confused since it's a wool skirt and a warm scarf with a tank top and sandal type shoes, but I still think it's cute! She has her hair in a pony-tail.

I hope you guys like their outfits! Please comment down below which outfit you like better!
Watch out on Tuesday for a post with Mary-Ellen!


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

GOTY 2016; Lea!

! Hello guys, and happy (late) 2016!!!
I went to the American Girl Store on January first and got to see Lea! I took a couple pictures for you guys!

I absolutely ADORE leas' pets. like seriously. 

Lea is starting to grow on me.. I thought she was kind of ugly at first (oops) but I actually think she is pretty now! lol! I do that a lot ;)
She does look like a mix of Kanani and Mckenna to me, though. Her hair is super adorable, though.

What do you guys think of Lea? Are you planning on getting her/her collection? I know I plan on getting a few things, and who knows, maybe Lea'll grow on me and she'll end up in my collection. Time will tell!


Saturday, January 2, 2016


A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO Autmn Raelin for winning the My French Bakery giveaway!!

Please e-mail me at to get in contact with me so I can send you the PDF!

Stay tuned for Tueseday, I'll be posting all about Lea!

Hope you all had a great New Year!


Thursday, December 17, 2015

My American Girl Wishlist

Hello everybody!

Today I am going to be doing a wishlist; things I would like to get in the near future from American Girl. No, this is not a Christmas wishlist.

Also, really quick! please go enter my giveaway for My First French Cookbook 2-3 posts down! Thanks!

Maryellens Birthday Dress

Samanthas Winter Coat

Maryellens Poodle Skirt

Sparkle Sweater Set

Kits Reporter Outfit

Maryellens TV Console

Maryellens JukeBox

Maryellens Sofa Couch

Maryellens Diner

Maryellens School Set

TV console (for a modern living room)

Gymnastics Bar and Beam

Samanthas Nightime Accessories 

Samanthas Painting Set

Samanthas Carpet Bag 
(I'd totally pretend she's Mary Poppins)

Kits Radio

Kits TypeWriter

Rebeccas Bedroom Accessories

Rebeccas Phonograph

Rebeccas Stage Makeup

I love all of these things. As you can tell I REALLY LOVE Mary-Ellens collection and Samanthas collections, I'd love to own the whole of them both. I choose things I would love to have help decorate my doll house to make it look like a real home!

What's on your wishlist?