Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beachy Blogger Award!

Hi there everyone! ;D

I was nominated the beachy blogger award by the awesome Marisa! Thanks, Marisa! :D
Answer the 10 questions I give you below and give the people you nominate 10 more.
Let the people whom you nominated know that they were nominated.
Put the award on your sidebar.
Nominate 10 bloggers
                                                     What is your favorite doll? 
This is so hard! Probably Isabelle, Saige or Cecile.
What is your favorite thing about having a blog?
I love to write and I love all the lovely comments ya'll leave me! You guys are so amazing <3
What is the worst thing someone has said to you on your blog?
I have absolutely no hate comments! (Like I said- amazing followers!)
Do you have a doll house?
No. :( I really wish I did.
When did you get your first AG doll?
December of 2007!
What is your favorite article of doll clothing that you have?
Probably my blue windbreaker
This one
Who is your best online friend?
Umm.. I'm not sure if you mean doll blog or in general. But I honestly don't know sorry. :P (My best online friend I know in person sooo that doesn't really count haha. :)
Who is your favorite AGTuber?
AGOSF, GOTYS, and Basilmentos. :)
Do you watch Aspen Heights? If so, are you Team Belita or Team Calita?
I don't watch it. :)
Which of your dolls' personalities is most like you?
Haha I'm really not sure! I haven't thought about my dolls' personalities in a while. :)
Sorry if my answers were boring! :P
Here is the next 10 questions;
Who is your favorite doll blogger?
Favorite doll?
First doll?
Who is the last doll you bought?
Favorite doll outfit?
Do you have an AGTube?
If so whats the name?
Did you like my questions?
Now I'm supposed to nominate 10 fellow doll bloggers but..... I don't think I can come up with that many! But we will see. :)
And that's all you get... :P Hope you enjoyed!
Silence. :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

You guys are so amazing.

You guys are amazing.

I feel awful for not posting- and I still get new followers? That is amazing.
I feel so blessed to have almost 50 followers. I never thought that would be me! This is so cool!
I've also been nominated for an award! :D (I'll be posting that this week)

Since you guys are so amazing... I'm planning a special surprise, and I'm planning posts! :D
But seriously, you really are the best followers- in the tag I was nominated one of the questions is "what is the worst comment someone left you" I read through each and every comment, (yes, I read every single comment I get, so I'm very sorry if I don't respond- I truly mean to) and I have not 1 single hate comment. You guys are the best.
Thanks for holding in there, and being the most amazing followers ever- I love each and every one of you!


Monday, May 26, 2014

American Girl @ McD's!

Hi guys!
So I decided to pop on and tell you that American Girl is back at McDonalds! 
(As the happy meal toy of course) so there are small plastic Isabelle dolls, paper dolls in a sewing machine looking plastic case, and something else. (IDK what it is) 
And just so you know, you can but just the toy without the meal for $1.94 with tax ;)
So I went to Mcdonalds today, and they only has one but this is the one I got;

The skirt looks (and slightly feels) textured, (like her tutu is supposed to be) 
Of course the doll is plastic, smaller then a mini doll and her hair is cray-cray. (It came in a ponytail but it was falling out so I just let it down)
Well, I hope you guys enjoyed and decide to pick some up! :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Isabelle's OOTD

When it gets chilly out, add a windbreaker! Sorry for repeating pieces in outfits guys.. :)

Windbreaker; Retired Pleasant Company
Shirt; made by me
Jeggings; Elegant Basics Etsy
Boots; Nickis Meet Outfit

*DISCLAIMER* I really did try to post this yesterday but apparently it wouldn't publish, I'm sorry! And as proof;
It says the date it tried to publish ;)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Isabelle OOTD! :)

(Sorry my hand)

Necklace; Josefinas Accessories
Shirt; Handmade by me
Sweater; Saiges Sweater Outfit
Jeggings; Elegent Basics Etsy shop
Shoes; Saiges Sweater Outfit
Hair Flower; Kanani

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Fashion With Isabelle; Day 1

So every day for this week I'll be posting a photo shoot of Isabelle in Spring outfits! So here is today's! :))

So Isabelle's necklace is from Josefinas accessories, her top is from Saiges Sweater Outfit, her skirt is from a home seller, and her shoes are from the casual chic (?) outfit. Her hair is just partly French braided. :))

Saturday, April 19, 2014


For the first time in 6 months, I'm surrounded in doll things.. 

(A lot more then that) that means....


Saturday, April 5, 2014


So I know I keep saying that, but now I have an IPhone with the blogger apps that take awesome pictures! So yay! :D

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Posts coming soon!

Hi guys!

So I have more posts coming, we finally got a new computer, (one that works might I add!) So it will be *a lot* easier to post!
So be expecting lots of stuff with Isabelle... ;) And other fun finds! :O


Friday, January 10, 2014

AGplace Seattle- Isabelle Reveal - 2014

 I'll re reviewing what I think of Isabelles collection today!

 The pants are still kinda odd, but I don't mind them like I thought I would once in person!

 Tutu is cute! But nothing to special.

 Here is her photo-booth thingy.. lol....
 I ADORE the Isabelle doll, (obviously I bought her...) Her accessories are amazing, too! I didn't get them though. I hate the fact they raised JUST the GOTY prices to $120 though.. :(

 Her studio is *AMAZING* but not worth $275. Although I want it *BADLY* lol.

 Online on December 31st I didn't like this, now I do! Its super cute.
 This. Is. Amazing. <3 I'd use all the leotards for gymnastics!
 LOVE the legwarmers set also.

 Her barre is cool! All though the actual barre piece is plastic, the other part is metal.
 LOVE anything sparkly.
 So the leggings are growing on me, love the sparkly skirt, and then really??? A sports top? I might get it to layer over a tank top as a crop top look, but NOT EVER just that. (Unless its under something)
 LOVE the scrunch-pants!
 Cute! But not mt fave....
 I can't explain how I love the sweater. <3 (But hate it with that skirt sorry)
 ACK! AMAZINGNESS! (Like Mias sweater!)
 Yes. Just, yes. I also wish it came as a leotard though.

And her exclusive shirt which is amazingly sparkly in person!

I'll do another post on the other new stuff later..

Silence. :)