Thursday, January 7, 2016

Two Outfit Of The Days!

Hi guys!
Today I'm bringing you two outfit of the days, one with Mary-Ellen and one with Caroline!

Today Caroline has her hair up in a stylish messy bun, the polka dot bikini brief and tank top set, Saiges tribal print sweater and leggings, and Saiges meet boots. I really like this outfit because I like that I mixed patterns, with the small polka dots and then the larger pattern of the sweater. It's a cozy outfit, perfect for winter. Looks like she might be going to school or out with friends!

Mary-Ellen is wearing her meet shoes, a scarf I made myself, Isabelles cream leotard and Mollys meet skirt. (This one is longer and wool as it is pleasant company from 1986, in case you're wondering why it looks different) I feel like this is something similar to what Mary-Ellen might've worn, just a bit modernized, but as you know I never keep my dolls in their set time periods. I think the outfit is a little season-confused since it's a wool skirt and a warm scarf with a tank top and sandal type shoes, but I still think it's cute! She has her hair in a pony-tail.

I hope you guys like their outfits! Please comment down below which outfit you like better!
Watch out on Tuesday for a post with Mary-Ellen!



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