Friday, September 27, 2013

How I'm judging


2 posts in one day? Wow!

So I know some of you are wondering how I'm judging etc, well I'm judging by the outfit, whatever pictures i like best, and the quality of the pictures. So if you've sent in it are about to send in photos, either you can resend me new ones or make sure their great quality! Good backgrounds etc. ;) 

Just wanted to let you know!


Last day for contest entries may be extended

Hey guys!!!

Soo I only have one entry for my photo contest and it ends in 3 days.. If I don't have any more by October 1st I'm doing a date extension. so PLEASE send in photos!!

Also please send in pictures for throwback Thursday.. Sorry I didn't post it yesterday I'm uber busy right now.. I have family in town  and a lot of other stuff! So next week regular posts will resume.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Email me your entries!

Thanks to Michaela Vall for pointing out I didn't specify how to get the entries... Please email me your entries for my contest and they will be posted here! Remember, October 2nd!

If I forgot anything else please bring that to my attention.



Hola everyone!

Is everyone as excited as I am? I COULD SCREAM! WOOT!
The prize is a Creativa-Tee!

I tried to choose one that would match everyones personality..

So lets get on with the show;

The first round is a "Your Favorite Outfit" round, it could be either an outfit you made, an outfit you bought, or a mix and match, whatever you want! This is YOUR ROUND.  The first round starts today, September 24th, and ends October 2nd, a week from today.

The second Round will be "Dresses"

The third round will be "Shoes"
But I'll announce those later, of course.
So take your time, you have a week. Take the best photo you possibly can! Because only 3 people will be chosen to compete in the final rounds..


So get to taking pics! :)
Thanks Ya'll, and have fun.
Good luck to all who enter!


Monday, September 23, 2013




AHH!!! (Although I now have like 35 followed. *cough*) 

So my 30 follower contest will be  multiple rounds, it's a fashion contest because the prize is.


Now the overview of the contest is this;
The first round will be your favorite doll outfit, then I will choose my 3 favorite pictures, the next round will be your favorite doll dress, then out of the three I'll choose my favorite 2, the last round is a choose your own and I'll choose my favorite! 

The winner will win a "be yourself" CREATIVA-TEE!!! 

The first round will be posted tomorrow along with pictures of the tee
Excited? I AM!!

Also I can only ship to the US and Canada, sorry!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

TT extension

Last week no one sent in pictures for Throwback Thursday so PLEASE send on pictures of the Sea Breeze outfit this week for Thursday! Thanks!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Contest coming soon!

Hi guys!!

So either Friday or Monday I will have a contest!!! It will go for a while, I got a special surprise when I went to the AGP store today! It's a store exclusive for the contest... Can you guess what it is....?

I also got stuff for me! Including Saiges Painting Set! I also got;
Saiges Pajamas,
Saiges Accessories
Curly ponytail (brown for Becca)
Bright Highlights (looks wonderful on Josefina)
Raspberry Glasses (for Saige)
And Saiges Painting Set! Like I said. :P
I'm very happy! :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Calling for Throwback Thursday!

Calling for pictures of the Sea Breeze outfit!

Your pics will be posted here for the kick-off of ThrowBack Thursday!!

Please send in photos!
Email them here;

Monday, September 9, 2013

Why do I play with dolls?

So I watched a video just a few minutes ago about why this girl played with dolls, why she spent money on dolls, and it inspired me. ;)

I don't know, exactly, why I play with my dolls- I just do.  I love them. Their the only toys I have. If you got rid of my dolls, I would be left with a Rubiks Cube, my outdoor toys, a bunch of papers, and nerf. Yup. Thats pretty much it. And my electronics, but that doesn't count.

I spend money on them, because that is what I enjoy doing. I don't always like to spend all my money on dolls, when I could be spending it on doll stuff on Etsy... Oh, wait, thats still dolls. what I meant to say, partly, is I don't like buying straight from AG as much, I prefer Ebay/Etsy. But I still don't always want to spend on dolls, but something pulls me to do it. I want to spend on clothes for me, (though I don't need them, neither do my dolls.) But Dolls are a part of me, they are me.

I've been teased for playing with dolls, yes. But I don't care. When I was teased, I brought them out more. I flounced them in front of him. I didn't care. I was and am proud of who I am and what I do. I was called immature. I told him adults play with dolls. And, honestly? who is the immature one there! He was older then me!
But that isn't the point.

Another hard thing for me, though, is the cost of all this doll stuff. I hate spending $30 on an a mini outfit when I could buy, for $30 or less an outfit for me. Almost all my Holiday gifts are doll related, or most birthdays.

I spend most of my money on dolls.

Because that is who I am. And I am proud of it.

You can call me immature, you can call me names. It won't bother me. I'll laugh, shrug it off, and play with dolls.

I love you guys, thanks for being in the doll community. I love ya'll! <3


P.S. I'm going to, instead of doing Historically modern Mondays, ThrowBack Thursday. :) Starting THIS THURSDAY! AH!

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Thanks so much for 31 followers!
I will be doing a giveaway/ contest thing ASAP!

I am so excited!



Thursday, September 5, 2013

Biggest Haul from AG!

Hey guys!

So when I make the money off of the things I'm selling, I get to go buy my biggest haul from AG- ever! Bigger then in July 2011 when I brought home 2 dolls! xD (I think, I can't remember how many accessories I brought home that day. xD)

Anyways, I'm uber excited. Here is what I'm for sure getting;

  • Saiges Accessories;

  • Saiges Pajamas    
  •  Saiges Painting Set
 Here is what I'm possibly getting;

  • Saiges Picnic Set;
So there is actually more I'm for sure getting, and more I'm possibly getting, (because then it wouldn't be the biggest haul ever.. duh..) but those are surprises. ^.^

So yes!
And don't call me spoiled etc, I'm working SO hard to earn this money, selling and doing work and yah.. And, even if I didn't earn all the money, any extra money that I didn't earn is early holiday gift so I can pull this off. :)

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Hi guys!

Every 10 followers I do a giveaway or something neat, maybe a contest! So please, if I get one more follower I'll do something cool!

Thanks so much,


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Please go check it out!

Hi guys!

Please go check out my for sale page! I have a ton of stuff for sale!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Releases!!

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this gymnastics set! I have always been really bummed I missed out on Mckennas beam and bar, so I am VERY happy!
 I love the new salon chair! But its way to pricey.. ;/

 I like this new outfit, but not together. LOL. I plan on getting it, though, as Saige loves leggins and shorts. ;P I also want to collect every pair of AG shorts ever made.. Hows that going? I haven't started yet. ;P

 I LOVe this new outfit, the skirt, at least! Its SO ADORBS! ADORBS OVERLOAD! The shirt, the sparkles are on a separate  piece of fabric that flaps.. Dont' like that. ;(
 New holiday dresses.
 Holiday accessories.

(This is for the brocade dress) I like it, not my fave, though.
 I really like this! Not sure I'll get it, though.
These are very cute! I like it.

I got these pics Wednesday at the meetup with Beena and Deena! Yes!!! I got to meet her! xD I am so happy I got to meet her, she is SO sweet! So yes, you probably know which AG store I live by, that means. But thats fine. ;)