Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hola everyone!

Is everyone as excited as I am? I COULD SCREAM! WOOT!
The prize is a Creativa-Tee!

I tried to choose one that would match everyones personality..

So lets get on with the show;

The first round is a "Your Favorite Outfit" round, it could be either an outfit you made, an outfit you bought, or a mix and match, whatever you want! This is YOUR ROUND.  The first round starts today, September 24th, and ends October 2nd, a week from today.

The second Round will be "Dresses"

The third round will be "Shoes"
But I'll announce those later, of course.
So take your time, you have a week. Take the best photo you possibly can! Because only 3 people will be chosen to compete in the final rounds..


So get to taking pics! :)
Thanks Ya'll, and have fun.
Good luck to all who enter!



  1. Hey Silence, I have three questions:
    1. Can I take pictures for all three rounds and email them to you at the same time, in case I get in, because I'm leaving to go on vacation right after the first round ends, thereby I have no idea when internet access will be available, and I definitely won''t have access to my dollies. :)
    2. Does it have to be the same doll in all rounds (i.e., can I enter my A Girl For All Time Matilda in one round, and my American Girl Saige in another)?
    3. Do we title our entries?
    4. How will you be judging them?
    5. If I remeber another question later, can I comment it or will you be like, 'Oh, no, it's her again with the rambling..."
    That's why my blog is called Thoughts of a Long Winded Lady, Silence! :)
    Really, I'm done now!
    Bye!, and thanks for putting up with my tendency to ramble.

  2. Yes you can, DollGirl4! xD It doesnt' have to be the same doll. No you don't have to but your welcome to!
    by how much I like them !

    Comment as much as you want!

    No problem!



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