Friday, May 31, 2013

Some upcoming posts!

Hey ya'll!!

Just wanted to tell you about some upcoming posts to expect in the upcoming couple weeks;

Fashion Style; how to find yours
How to make a doll cabin
My new doll flip chair
And so much more!

Talk to you later.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

AG Thrift Shop Finds!

Sadly no I didn't find any dolls.. I looked hard, but I found some GREAT stuff, all of which are retired! :D

First lets start with the smallest, and make our way up.

Mollys' Short Story Collection! (Only blurry because I had to enlarge it, I promise my pics will be better quality next week)

The back of the book. This book retails for $6.95, I got it for .75CENTS! :O

Opening the book, you find it has a bookmark! ^.^

It says Pleasant Company Publications Copyright 2006! BONUS!

Next up on our list is.....

Retail price is 12.95, again, .75CENTS! :O
The inside of the book just says American Girl 2008 bla bla bla...

Back of the book....

And last, but not least...


It has some stains on the front, but I'm sure it'll come out.

See, $2.00!! Can you believe it?
This chair has a funny story. Me and my Mom and my Grandma were in a thrift store shopping for 80's themed things for me, (I'm having an 80's themed party) I decided to go look at toys, I wanted to look for a doll. I always do when I'm at a thrift shop. So I go back there and there was a box labeled doll things. I rifle through it and see this. Naw, its stained. I didn't notice the AG tag. I thought, the back looks to small for AG's, oh well. Well, I decided to show it to my Mom, and on pulling it out the second time I noticed the tag and pretty soon decided on buying it. I don't love the color on this chair, so I want to see if we can cover it.. It will be hard, but we can always take it apart. It as of now doesn't match my doll house- but I am thinking about painting one room blue in my doll house, (when I make it) sooo maybe it'll match.. I'll see.. I'll have to think on it. And I have plenty of time.

See? It folds out! :D

American Girl, Follow Your Inner Star. (CopyRight of American Girl Brand)

Sooo... That's it for today, folks. Have any of you every found anything AG brand at a second hand store? A doll? An outfit? A pair of shoes or a book? I've found lots of books. Please comment saying!
I'll keep you updated on how I decide about the chair and the whole process. I'll do a more detailed review on it soon, as well as research it, see what it came with, try to maybe get those accessories etc...

(I'm trying new signatures, please bear with me)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review with Elegant Basics!

I am so pumped, to be here with my first sponsor, AGMarket of My American Girl's Story . She has an Etsy shop, Elegant Basics , as well as a Youtube; AGMarket .

About a week and a half ago on her blog she was saying she would sponsor someone by giving said person 25% anything in her Etsy shop. Well, I thought I'd take a gamble and see if she'd give me something completely free by keeping her Etsy shop banner up on my blog, 24/7. She agreed. About a week later I get this adorable, amazing tee shirt in the mail.

Isn't it pretty? I just adore it!

Its a coral colored shirt with a cross body neckline, with a spaghetti style strap to hold it up. It has an adorable ruffle going around the neckline, but stops on either side. It velcros in the back and has neat seams.

Absolutely adorable
Can be layered to make more modest
Very good quality
Goes with skirts or pants
came packaged very nicely

I don't know if I did this or it came this way but the stitching on the top of the ruffle seam has come off... Pic below.
Goes to low on the spaghetti strap side (but that's not your fault, AGMarket)

as opposed to;

(I know, horrible shadow in the pic, sorry)

Thanks again, AGMarket, for the wonderful shirt!
Have dolltastic day,
Silence. <3

*all thoughts and photos except the Elegant Basics banner at the top are my own thank you*

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Breakfast In Bed!

Review of the Breakfast In Bed set!

The glass of milk is really cute, it has little red hearts inside of pinks circles decorating  a clear glass. There is white plastic inside made to look like milk. Its really cute.

The smoothie is soo cute! The pink plastic has darker and light flecks inside it, making it look like an actual strawberry (and possibly banana) smoothie! The strawberry on the top has indents making it look like there are seeds, with little green leaves atop it, its made too look like it is cut and shoved on the edge of the glass. The straw is sweet with green lines around it.

(Another smoothie pic)
The little card is sooo sweet! It slides out of the envelope so you can take it out and read it.  It says "Violets are blue, roses are red, something for you- breakfast in bed!" Its really cute!

The syrup canister, let me just say- so cute! Its so sweet, sadly it doesn't open but it looks just like the ones you'd use at Ihop!

The plate- sooo cute! There are three strawberries, a bowl of whipped cream, and 4 heart shaped waffles. Sadly, nothing comes off the plate, but it is SO cute!!! Everything looks very realistic.

It also came with the tray, (which I am planning a separate review showing all it can do later) and a napkin, but I realized I didn't take any pics of the napkin... So smart! I'll post that later with the tray. It didn't come with a fork because I got it on Cyber Monday. I didn't realize that till later, when I was wondering why it didn't. I looked at the box and they white-outed the area where it says a fork... Oh well!
Hope you enjoyed,

Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm being sponsored!

So, AGMarket of
My American Girl Story
Is shipping me out an item from her Etsy shop to review! It'll be either Ivys meet pants, or a coral colored ruffle shirt from Springfield dolls. In return, I will be having her Etsy banner up on my blog.
Here is the link to her Etsy, please check out all the links to her- their all amazing!
Elegant Basics That is her Etsy!

She also has a Youtube, which when I get the link I'll post it on the review page and post.
And to liven up this post;


(I thought this one looked old fashioned)
That's good for now. There were more from this shoot but I better go..
Who is excited for the review? Comment saying what you think she will send me!! I think it'll be the jeans... But we'll see!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I was featured!

I was featured on My American Girl Dolls Story! :D

Thanks SOO much, AGMarket!
I appreciate it SO much!

Hey, so you know yesterday I showed you the doll styling head? I forgot to mention that I got it at the Dollar Store, for $1, (Obviously) and they had several different ones. :D

I want a new doll... I'm thinking about getting a TLC one from ebay.. Then buying wigs for her..And not gluing any one!! SO she cab be multiple dolls. I'm thinking brown eyes, because brown eyes go with anything... Whatdya think?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Sooo.. This is an IV pole. Yup. Well I made it a while back when I had to do "Surgery" on my Samantha doll, (I got her at a yard sale and her legs were too loose).

So Sammy had to go to the hospital. I'm posting those pics now! :D

This is my nurse, Elizabeth. I dressed her in "scrubs". :P
This is my nurses checkboard. hehe.
This is where the IV needle goes in.
This... Is how much stuffing goes inside of a doll... xD slightly creepy with Sams head off in the background. xD
This is the joint of her leg, you wrap a hairband around her piece down there, it tightens it.
Partly stuffed!

And for that file its apparently as far as I got... xD So I'm going to cover one more subject!

This, is a dollsized styling head!
This shows her eyes. (Sorry for bad quality in these couple pics, my room had horrible lighting. Still does, but these were taken a while back at night. )
She looks tired here.. Actually its an OK photo, focused wise, focused on her face, blurry background, amazing!! :D
Ta-ta for now!

Friday, May 10, 2013

You can now contact me!

Hey ya'll!
You've probably now noticed that I put up a contact me page last night! Yup! Thats right! My blog now has its own email adress! Here it is;

You can contact me for questions, comments, if you want me to do a review for your etsy or shop etc, or just to say hi!
Thanks a bunch for making this blog amazing,

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Photos of days gone by...

I'm just being dramatic. xD

I decided to rummage through my old photos and post em! :D

Cecile celebrating Hannukkah.

Playing in the snow! :D

Fashion Show!

Ice Skating!


Monday, May 6, 2013

AG on Ebay!


I'll be posting fun AG stuff tomorrow, like pics I've taken, but tonight I'm gonna post about AG on Ebay.
One thing you have to be careful of when shopping on Ebay is that your getting something good for the price. Lots of people will try to sell retired AG dolls for NIB $300. No. Don't buy it! You can buy one In pretty-good condition for $60! Or more, maybe less!
Less then ten minutes ago I watched a Kailey doll go for $48! Then it was like $20 shipping but yah...
You can find So many retired things on Ebay!
So far I've never bought AG off of Ebay but I want to!
I wanna get a TLC doll, take off he wig, buy a ton of wigs off Ebay, not glue any on, just set the on her, and have one doll that acts as many dolls! :D

So here are some fun AG things on ebay;


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mini Doll ♥

Hola Mi Amigos!
Today I went out and did a mini shoot of my mini dolls, Becca, CeCe, and Kirsten. Soo.. I can do reviews on em later.. But these are just cute.. So yah!

(Scuse my finger)

Yah.. Ceces hair got crazy. And Beckies.. :( Oh well..
I better go.
Silence. (And the minies)