Thursday, May 23, 2013

Breakfast In Bed!

Review of the Breakfast In Bed set!

The glass of milk is really cute, it has little red hearts inside of pinks circles decorating  a clear glass. There is white plastic inside made to look like milk. Its really cute.

The smoothie is soo cute! The pink plastic has darker and light flecks inside it, making it look like an actual strawberry (and possibly banana) smoothie! The strawberry on the top has indents making it look like there are seeds, with little green leaves atop it, its made too look like it is cut and shoved on the edge of the glass. The straw is sweet with green lines around it.

(Another smoothie pic)
The little card is sooo sweet! It slides out of the envelope so you can take it out and read it.  It says "Violets are blue, roses are red, something for you- breakfast in bed!" Its really cute!

The syrup canister, let me just say- so cute! Its so sweet, sadly it doesn't open but it looks just like the ones you'd use at Ihop!

The plate- sooo cute! There are three strawberries, a bowl of whipped cream, and 4 heart shaped waffles. Sadly, nothing comes off the plate, but it is SO cute!!! Everything looks very realistic.

It also came with the tray, (which I am planning a separate review showing all it can do later) and a napkin, but I realized I didn't take any pics of the napkin... So smart! I'll post that later with the tray. It didn't come with a fork because I got it on Cyber Monday. I didn't realize that till later, when I was wondering why it didn't. I looked at the box and they white-outed the area where it says a fork... Oh well!
Hope you enjoyed,


  1. That looks so cute! I wish I could have a breakfast in bed like that. :)
    BTW, I tagged you on my blog.

  2. That smoothie is adorable! I want one in real life!

    -Your Horsey BFF


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