Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Sooo.. This is an IV pole. Yup. Well I made it a while back when I had to do "Surgery" on my Samantha doll, (I got her at a yard sale and her legs were too loose).

So Sammy had to go to the hospital. I'm posting those pics now! :D

This is my nurse, Elizabeth. I dressed her in "scrubs". :P
This is my nurses checkboard. hehe.
This is where the IV needle goes in.
This... Is how much stuffing goes inside of a doll... xD slightly creepy with Sams head off in the background. xD
This is the joint of her leg, you wrap a hairband around her piece down there, it tightens it.
Partly stuffed!

And for that file its apparently as far as I got... xD So I'm going to cover one more subject!

This, is a dollsized styling head!
This shows her eyes. (Sorry for bad quality in these couple pics, my room had horrible lighting. Still does, but these were taken a while back at night. )
She looks tired here.. Actually its an OK photo, focused wise, focused on her face, blurry background, amazing!! :D
Ta-ta for now!

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