Monday, May 6, 2013

AG on Ebay!


I'll be posting fun AG stuff tomorrow, like pics I've taken, but tonight I'm gonna post about AG on Ebay.
One thing you have to be careful of when shopping on Ebay is that your getting something good for the price. Lots of people will try to sell retired AG dolls for NIB $300. No. Don't buy it! You can buy one In pretty-good condition for $60! Or more, maybe less!
Less then ten minutes ago I watched a Kailey doll go for $48! Then it was like $20 shipping but yah...
You can find So many retired things on Ebay!
So far I've never bought AG off of Ebay but I want to!
I wanna get a TLC doll, take off he wig, buy a ton of wigs off Ebay, not glue any on, just set the on her, and have one doll that acts as many dolls! :D

So here are some fun AG things on ebay;



  1. Hi! :) I am on Ebay all the time. You have to look at the "newly" listed section. I get dolls BIN for $40. I have never found a GOTY doll under $150.00.

  2. Yah its rare but I've seen them under that! And thanks for the tip, I went and checked it out, the cheapest I could fine was BIN $60, but I'll def keep my eyes open! Thanks! (P.S. I'll be emailing you about my blog soon!)


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