Thursday, May 30, 2013

AG Thrift Shop Finds!

Sadly no I didn't find any dolls.. I looked hard, but I found some GREAT stuff, all of which are retired! :D

First lets start with the smallest, and make our way up.

Mollys' Short Story Collection! (Only blurry because I had to enlarge it, I promise my pics will be better quality next week)

The back of the book. This book retails for $6.95, I got it for .75CENTS! :O

Opening the book, you find it has a bookmark! ^.^

It says Pleasant Company Publications Copyright 2006! BONUS!

Next up on our list is.....

Retail price is 12.95, again, .75CENTS! :O
The inside of the book just says American Girl 2008 bla bla bla...

Back of the book....

And last, but not least...


It has some stains on the front, but I'm sure it'll come out.

See, $2.00!! Can you believe it?
This chair has a funny story. Me and my Mom and my Grandma were in a thrift store shopping for 80's themed things for me, (I'm having an 80's themed party) I decided to go look at toys, I wanted to look for a doll. I always do when I'm at a thrift shop. So I go back there and there was a box labeled doll things. I rifle through it and see this. Naw, its stained. I didn't notice the AG tag. I thought, the back looks to small for AG's, oh well. Well, I decided to show it to my Mom, and on pulling it out the second time I noticed the tag and pretty soon decided on buying it. I don't love the color on this chair, so I want to see if we can cover it.. It will be hard, but we can always take it apart. It as of now doesn't match my doll house- but I am thinking about painting one room blue in my doll house, (when I make it) sooo maybe it'll match.. I'll see.. I'll have to think on it. And I have plenty of time.

See? It folds out! :D

American Girl, Follow Your Inner Star. (CopyRight of American Girl Brand)

Sooo... That's it for today, folks. Have any of you every found anything AG brand at a second hand store? A doll? An outfit? A pair of shoes or a book? I've found lots of books. Please comment saying!
I'll keep you updated on how I decide about the chair and the whole process. I'll do a more detailed review on it soon, as well as research it, see what it came with, try to maybe get those accessories etc...

(I'm trying new signatures, please bear with me)

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