Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review with Elegant Basics!

I am so pumped, to be here with my first sponsor, AGMarket of My American Girl's Story . She has an Etsy shop, Elegant Basics , as well as a Youtube; AGMarket .

About a week and a half ago on her blog she was saying she would sponsor someone by giving said person 25% anything in her Etsy shop. Well, I thought I'd take a gamble and see if she'd give me something completely free by keeping her Etsy shop banner up on my blog, 24/7. She agreed. About a week later I get this adorable, amazing tee shirt in the mail.

Isn't it pretty? I just adore it!

Its a coral colored shirt with a cross body neckline, with a spaghetti style strap to hold it up. It has an adorable ruffle going around the neckline, but stops on either side. It velcros in the back and has neat seams.

Absolutely adorable
Can be layered to make more modest
Very good quality
Goes with skirts or pants
came packaged very nicely

I don't know if I did this or it came this way but the stitching on the top of the ruffle seam has come off... Pic below.
Goes to low on the spaghetti strap side (but that's not your fault, AGMarket)

as opposed to;

(I know, horrible shadow in the pic, sorry)

Thanks again, AGMarket, for the wonderful shirt!
Have dolltastic day,
Silence. <3

*all thoughts and photos except the Elegant Basics banner at the top are my own thank you*

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  1. Nice! Thanks :) That is totally weird. it wasn't like that when I sent it.


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