Monday, August 11, 2014

Hi guys!

Hey guys! :)

So I'm working on some posts but in the meantime....
Have any of you ever bought any doll things off Craigslist? If so tell me about it!
I got my white bodied Molly off CL for $15! I didn't even know she was white bodied till I got her in person! That was crazy. 
One time I saw a listing for FREE 4 dolls plus clothes, she lived kinda far but dad said he would take me, sadly she never responded. :(
 yesterday there was a Lindsey for $20obo but she had been on there to Long I knew she would be gone. (Plus she was far from me) the Lindsey was kinda rough but I've ALWAYS wanted Lindsey, and I love projects. 

So how about you? Any fun finds on CL?

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  1. Wow, good deals! :) I have never purchased from Craigslist, actually.



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