Friday, July 19, 2013

White Bodied Molly!!

Hey Guys!!

So Tuesday night I was on my local Craigslist and guess what I found...

A WHITE BODIED MOLLY! But, I didn't know she was White Bodied at the time. The listing had no pictures, she said she needed a new wig and it was make offer. I thought about it for a while and Prayed, It wasn't technically in the AG budget, considering I'm saving for Saige. But I decided to buy her and sell her. Everyone was saying I'd end up keeping her if I got her, but I knew I wouldn't because the thought of keeping her wasn't thrilling me. Well I emailed the lady and for the first time ever, I got a response on Craigslit! (WOOHOO!) I offered $20 and she accepted! I was SO excited!! The lady lived near the shop where my Dad works so he said he would pick her up for me the next afternoon. I had my BF and her sis over that day, and finally, finally!! After waiting for a whole day, I heard the car door slammed, I flew outside and grabbed Molly and gasped! I could see the white poking out like you can in the picture. I was about to cry, scream, I got shaky and hot. I couldn't BELIEVE what I held in my hands. A white bodied Molly for $20! The greatest find of my doll life so far! (Sorry, Samantha!) Instantly my friends and family were like "She is keeping her!" I just nodded. Her hair was very ratty and is still very frizzy but I'm going to do my research. For now I have washed it twice, brushed it and its in braids right now. But this isn't all, she also came with her school bag, glasses, glasses case, school book and flashcards! I just have to find the couple missing pieces! I almost bought that set from American Girl and a MB, for more than I paid for the doll and it! I am SO excited! Its from 1986, too! I believe Molly is from 1986 because the school bag is. :) The lady who sold her to me said her daughters loved this doll and hoped she was going to a good home. The lady was also selling doll clothes for $4. (Starting at price, anyways) Now that story-time is over lets get on to photos!

Her mouth was dirty but a soaking Q-Tip fixed that. A wet rag and some Magic Eraser fixed the rest of her, too. I was grossed out at the color she turned the rag. xD

(Sorry for messy background! xD)

(These photos are all before her hair washing and skin cleaning by the way)



Same shoes as my Samantha. (Only one of Sams shoes were broken. :( )


Before when I wanted this set, I was like "Oh, I wont' have Molly.. And it says her name.. Oh well!" Now I do! :D ♥

(The rubber band broke and left marks on the cards. :( )


 SEE? No big deal, really! :)

Okay, so this post freaked when I posted it the first time and didn't finish the post so I'll fix it Sunday or Monday.. :(



  1. A white bodied Molly!!! Wow! Great find Silence!

    Your Horsey BFF

  2. Ooh! Beautiful! She really is super cool:D what an awesome find! Love ya bff:-*


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