Sunday, February 10, 2013

I feel like I'm failing at this blog.

I feel like I'm failing at this blog..

I say I'll post stuff, then I don't.

I really mean to! Just life catches up to me.

I had done the blog post on my Itouch about the dolhouse, then it didn't publish. Now i'm on my laptop and its not there. On top of it, I had accidentally published it on the wrong blog.. Now its gone. I'm out of computer time and I PROMISE I will have it up tomorrow night.

I still feel like I'm faILING AT THIS BLOG.

But apparently I'm not because I have 8 wonderful followers.
Do you forgive me for all my messups? And do you believe me when I say I promise to try and keep my word? Even though I have said that a million and one times? PLEASE comment your answers, for I really, really need to know.

On to a happier note I have some awesome blog posts lined up! So please hang in there.

Silence and the dollz.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Silence! You are not failing. Your blog is awesome. :)

    Your Horsey BFF


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