Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dollhouse photos!


Here is Chrissa, sitting in a green armchair.

That is the armchair, it was one of my parents when they were kids. It was for one of their teddy bears.

So I have Samanthas Commode in the living room, this is whats on the top of it. I have Russia pointed toward Beckie, and USA pointed torwards Kirsten, with a pair of reading glasses! Sorry I forgot to take a pic of the whole thing. The bucket I got from an adult friend. It came with beads in it. ;P

I keep a key inside the bucket. Its a key to their clothest chest. :)

This is the "Couch". I got it at an antique store near me. The pillows my Great Gramma emboridered.

This is their sew/crochet basket. It has fabric and yarn! I need to make needle/crochet hook.

This is Felicity and Rebecca on the couch! :D

This, is the bedroom! Lindsey, Josefina, Molly, and Cecile are in here!


These are the playing cards on Lindseys desk.

This is Josie on Sams bed! :) I crocheted the red and black bathrobe on the end of the bed, so you know!

This is the mattress on Samanthas bed. Its very nice, and plushy! And very realistic!

This is the base of the bed.

This an old doll I got at the same antique store as my "couch". I don't know what to name her..

This is their chest. I painted it!

This is a laundry basket, I got it in the dollar section of Target. :)

And, this is Honey! Isn't she darling??

This is mini Becca wearing a Barbie dress! :D

Mini Kirsten!

(I have Mini CeCe, too. But I don't know where she is.. :( She is in my dolly things, that is FOR SURE! For I just had her.)

This is a mini I made!

The whole bed.

Isn't this pretty?

This bed, is a trundle bed! Its OG and made to look like AGs day bed, but I like the OG one better, the AG one has to high of bed frame.. IMPO (In my personal opinion)

This is Ceciles bed, I made it myself! Well, all of the dolls shares beds. But yah! Cute, huh? The blankets are double sided.
OK, so tomorrow I'll post pics of the kitchen. There are so many pics I don't wanna overwhelm you- or me! I want people to actually read it.
Silence and the dollz.
P.S. Hope you enjoyed!

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