Thursday, February 14, 2013

DollHouse Photos 3!

Hola Mi Amigos!

Here is part tres (three in Spanish) of the doll house photos! Enjoy!

*REALLY sorry its sideways!*

So, this is Kits Cookstove with a few added accessories!

This is an OG phone, all the OG accessories you'll see in the kitchen came with my OG kitchen. :)
Oh, the phone comes off the base/charger!

The pink cannisters are OG, the bottle was a real medicine bottle a friend gave to me!

The biggest one holds cookies, see? ;O

This is the top shelf of the cookstove.

This is the strainer.

The peaches. They get very dusty inbetween each peach. :(

This is the canned jarred peaches...(Is that how you spell jarred? It looks funny.. Is it even a word? I believe so..  *Sigh*..)
This is the top of the jar, it has two like, tab thingies, they hold in the metal bar, but its hard to tell 'cause its blurry, sorry!

This is a water/whatever jar, it was a decoration thing but my parents let me have it. :)

This is the bowl, its kinda cute!

*Sorry for the absolutely HORRID photo!!* These are the peaches. They look more er, appatizing in real life.

The cutting board type thing made to look like granite. And yes that is food made of polymore clay that I made!

The thermometer on the oven.

The door to the fire..


The FIRE! Sorry... LOL. Um, the background fire image is that texture of the like, bookmarks that have the 3D image, or when you tilt it is has a dif image.. YOu know what I'm talking about? That is what it feels like, but it doesn't do anything fun.. :I It should make crackly noises like the new chalet.. :O

This is inside the oven.

This is Kits pot!

Its nice, big, and.. Speckled! Lol. :D

This is the cupboards!
In one we have spoons! The wooden one came with Kits Cookstove, the plastic pink is from OG, and the one in the far back is from an old tea set.
In this one we have.. Cooking supplies!
We have an OG measuring cup, made to look like the ones by Pyrex.
An AG cookie cutter. <3
And OG measuring spoons that stack into each other!
See?? I wish they said like TBS or something, though!
So, I have three more posts to do, two kitchen one schoolroom, but for tonight I have to do an AGreleaase post, so for now I'm gonna go, watch out for another post though!
Silence and the dollz.

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