Friday, December 7, 2012

My Dolls Life!

This morning I've been looking around at My Dolls Life  and found they have some really awesome clothing! Here are a few quite cute outfits I made up look around at their site and using their doll separates! 

Only $8.50






Now, wouldn't that be a cute outfit? I would love to wear it! Here is another;

This shirt.. ($9.95 and you choose your color)

This vest... $10.45


(Choose your color) $7.45

I went off this                                                         ^ I accidentally had the aqua colored shirt, (not realizing it was the same) so I deleted that and chose the striped, chose a skirt, and didn't know she had on boots, then I realized she did but had already decided to get some so chose similar ones.. Anyways!

Love ya'lL!
Silence and the dolls.




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