Sunday, December 2, 2012

Purple Sparkly Doll Sneakers Review!


So, yesterday evening my Dad went out to check the mail and what did arrive but.. 


I had ordered twice from Cyber Monday, if you will remember, and my sparkly boots have come in!

They are very pretty! I am very glad I got them, here are some pictures...

The Front, see how there are actual lines on the front like sneakers? And the toe part is really hard rubber, too!

The bottoms look like real soles...

Relaxing with sparkly boots, what could be better?

The whole thing!

So cute!



Now for the actual review part of it..

I absolutely love these boots! I am sure they will go with anything, Elizabeth was our darling model today, and she was wearing white leggings, a lets celebrate shirt from an AGP birthday package, and these new boots. Later, I paired it with a scarf I crocheted out of pompom yarn, and it was SO gorgeous. These boots seem durable, even for dolls. The odd thing, is that the purple sparkley fabric is stretchy, but on the inside it is backed with white fabric, nonstretchy.. But, anyways I love these boots and am very glad to own them. They cost only $6 on AG's clearance, but normally you would have to buy them with the Sweet Melody outfit, which is retired.
 Thank you!
Silence and the dolls.


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  1. Ohhhh cute! If you like sparkly purple shoes you might like these...they are extra sparkly


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