Thursday, December 20, 2012

My dolls are so excited!

Hello fellow familiar followers! (Hehe, sorry, I couldn't help it!)

I'm so excited because in my closet I get to build a dollhouse. :) I have known this for a while but decided I'd post about it..

I actually have two closets. Its one big one with two sets of sliding doors.

One side is fully mine.

One is the familys, (but I've taken over half of that, too!) I shoved/cleaned/got rid of stuff to one side of the closet, (so my closet is only using half) so there is an empty area. That is where we will put shelves and everything in.


I'm excited. Very. For now, till we do build it, I set up rooms on the floor.

It's very fun.

I have an idea of a room, to do in the dollhouse. It would be Cecile/ and someone elses room, (because CeCe is French, and I love how fancy French is! Ooh la la, Je Tem, fellow followers!) It will be the leftover blue paint from my room, and black and white fabric. The black and white fabric will be bunched all along the back wall..
Ooh la la!

And then I'll add fancy French accents, and eiffel tower or two.. You get the point!

Silence and the dolls.

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