Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Sorry I hadn't had any real posts up in a couple days, I've been sorta busy. And just haven't really had the chance.

Well, American Girl had Cecile and Marie-Grace %61 off this morning! I got to it to late though and everything was sold out, but they had their bed on sale too! That means the dolls with accessories were $51! It's because they had it on "Jills Steals and Deals" and "Today" show.  I've heard it sold out in 45 min!! WOAH! I was really hoping to get Marie Grace to go with my Cecile, oh well... Did any of you guys get anything from the sale? I hope they do this again, but next time I'll know!
Talk to ya'll later. Sorry it's a short post, but like I promised, here is a picture!
Silence and the dolls.

An edit I did.

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