Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Some huge changes around here.

So I already told you I will be posting around three times a week, but there is more..

One, the new design! Do you like? I felt it needed something else, I wasn't happy with the way it was. I may play with the design a little more, so bear with me.

Another thing, I'm going to have my dolls be talking alot, I mean like it was all me talking, but I'm going to have them do most of the posts and I'll cut in on posts. OK?

Like, I have loved this blog, Pleasant Piper so I want my dolls to post, more!  But I will still post reviews etc.. Just the style is a tad dif. I hope you guys like it.
I love ya'll and I'll post tonight....

Silence and her eight girlies.

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