Friday, March 15, 2013

What doll should I get next???

I am faced, with a dilemma...

If my parents let me get another doll, I need to choose which one. (If because I have 8, and I am running out of room, but I'm making a dollhouse soon so hopefully I'll have more room then, and I need a toy chest in my room, my moms old one)...

These are the options;

JLY #58, whom I need to come up with a name for. I do love her so much, she is so cute!

JLY #44, whom I also need a name.. She is so cute!

Ivy Ling, who I've been wanting for a little while. But I don't think I'll get her when I get my next dollie..

JLY  #56 whom I adore, too, she is a very real possibility! I just again need a name..

and, Marie Grace. I used to not like her, but in person she has grown on me and I need her to finish off my BFF set because I had Cecile and have since last year!! ;)

SO please help me decide.

Someday I'm going to get Lindsey Bergman for SURE off of Ebay because I want her horribly.

But for now I want to get a dolly at the store.




  1. I have Ivy and D has Marie-Grace, your welcome to go over them whenever you come over :)

  2. I would get Marie-Grace or #56. I have them both and they are both amazing dolls!

  3. Thanks so much, Girls! I really appreciate it! :D

  4. I totally reccommend Ivy and Marie-grace. I have them both, and I love them!


  5. Hi Silence!
    I think Marie-Grace is really cute... but which ever one you fall in love with, I pick that one!

    -Your Horsey BFF

  6. Cool!
    I sell crocheted doll hats and scarves made by me for $8 each, email me if your interested!! :D

  7. Thanks girls! I appreciate the insight.

    Willow I'll have to take you up on that offer!!

  8. I vote #58! Name her something sweet like Sari-Ann or fun like Callie, or funky like Katezia, or classic like Jenny, or unusual like Sophronia, I can come up with more, I love coming up with names!


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