Friday, June 26, 2015

My Dolls Bios Updated!!!!

Hey Guys!

I updated my dolls profiles on their bio page! I went out yesterday and took new pictures.. I took even more today ;)
I bought a new camera so my pictures are nicer now and I've started watermarking my photos!

These are my four favorite dolls to photograph.
Isabelle is hard though, she always. Has. Fly-aways. O.o
Sorry that photo of Isabelle is to bright, it was either that or a ton of fly aways.. -_-
Anyways! Go check out their bios and lemme know what ya think!

Super cute photoshoot coming your guys' way soon btw ;)


  1. I think Saige's picture is my favorite. The black shirt with the orange shorts go great. And the shirt itself is awesome. I'm not into the hunger games but I still find the design pretty epic.

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah, the design is pretty cool! ;D


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