Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Review; Slow Cooker Dinner Set

Hello my lovelies!
Today I am here with a review of the Slow Cooker Dinner Set from American Girl themselves.
I picked this up with a ten dollars off of fifty coupon a couple months back.. I was going to get the game set with pizza and blokus but I'm partial to crock pots as we use them quite often in my household. ;)
Here is American Girls description for this adorable set;

Your girl can cook up a delicious dinner for her Truly Me™ dolls! This set includes a make-believe slow cooker—just like the real thing, the dial turns, the lid comes off, and the cooker dish comes out. Also features pretend food and place settings for two
Pieces of chicken and broccoli that fit inside the slow cooker
Blue dinner plates
Green fruit plates
Metal forks and a butter knife
Embroidered fabric napkins
A hot pad
Polka-dot milk glasses
Faux dinner rolls and fruit
A pretend bottle of barbecue sauce
A butter dish with removable lid.

Here is a picture focusing more on the foods, but with a general view of the whole thing.

The chicken really has little rivets, ridges and bumps in it. It's super cute. The broccoli, as well is super textured. The rolls are designed after the Hawaiian rolls you can get at any supermarket and are super scrumptiouis.

The fruit bowls are super adorable and honestly I want one in real life.

I love that they added flecks to give this a more realistic over all appearance.

The detail in this set, as you can see, is just incredible.

Over all I would definitely give this a 9/10. It would get a 10/10 if the tongs weren't made out of really cheap plastic. :(
I highly recommend this super cute kitchen set. It makes for hours of playtime and so many cute photoshoots. The inner part of the crockpot even comes out, as well as the little knob turns. The forks are made of high quality metal as usual, which I applaud.

For this photo shoot I was just messing around one day and set this all up on top of my record - player and I really loved how this turned out looking!!
I hope you guys' enjoyed my review! If you would like more reviews or on a specific item comment down below! And if I have that item I'll review it for you in the near future!

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