Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Photo Shoot Tips!

Hey Ya'll!
CeCe had a photo shoot done yesterday so I decided to entice you with this pretty photo of my girl! Also, I'm going to post tips on how to do a good photoshoot. :D  (And this is a dress made by ME! From an old skirt of mine.)
1.) Do interesting angles! Yes, you can do straight on photos, which do look very nice, (most of the time) but also try to funk it up with an angle from above, below, the side, diagonal.. You get the idea. :)

2.) Do interesting  scenes, like for this I decided to dress her as a Hawaiian bridesmaid so the Azelia bush in our front yard was perfect!

3.) The focus doesn't always have to be on the doll.. It can be on s omething else in the photo, like these last two pictures had CeCe kinda blurred, which is fine, because its focused on something else in the photo.

4.) Add interesting props. This flower just happened to be on the ground when I went outside.. So I used it.But, when using props, try to make it "go" with the theme of the shoot. Unless you have no theme, then do whatever. lol.

 5.) It doesn't always have to have the dolls face. It can be on another interest part. (And another one, it doesn't have to be perfect, in all of these they have imperfections, every photo will. IN this one its to bright i some spots.)

6.) Those little details. They make up everything! The clip you see is really a hair clip, but its butterfly shaped and sparkly, so it went with the overall "theme".

7.) Take multiple of the "Same" shots, it can be the same angle, or different angle, but you want to make sure one comes out right. (P.S. thats the clip! Cute, huh?)

8.) Play footsies! (Not the under-the-table-nudging each other game). Photos of doll feet, with or without shoes on, are just SO sweet! :)

9.) Be interesting! Do something fun with your photos. I think this one is cool because CeCe is showing us her flowers! :D (With the flower in the background too!)

10.) Most of all, have fun with the shoot, and just enjoy yourself. You don't really need to follow "rules" Then it would be no fun! These are just suggestions on things you can do.. So now, just enjoy some photos!

Oh, one last one.
11.) Be creative! I clipped these to her dress with the hairclip in this shot, because it wouldn't stay in her hand unless it was in a certain position, so it just gives the idea she is holding it! :)

(This is an eh shot. darn!)

♥ this photo!

♥ this one!




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