Saturday, August 31, 2013

Inspirational post

Hey guys.

So this is more of an inspirational post then a picture-fun-woohoo for everything post ;)

Never give up on dolls, never. You may be bullied, teased or picked on, but if dolls is what you love, then don't give up. When you see your dolls set up, dressed in your favorite outfit or hairstyle, with that toothy grin, and you smile- those are the moments when you know you love to play with dolls. Not everyone, like me, actually 'plays' with their dolls. I set them up,  photograph them, dress them and do their hair. I don't stereo-typical 'play'. And that's fine! I have been bullied, you guys for liking dolls, but I didn't do anything about it till it was the last chance I had. I told him to back off, in class, in front of everyone. (I'm homeschooled so it was at a co-op) you just have to stand up for yourself. Don't backdown, don't cringe or cry. I would take my dolls into class on purpose. We (me and the bully) were in a speech class together. I made my speech about dolls, my  finishing sentence was "your never to old for dolls". I stared right at him as I said it. So the point of this post is that don't give up on something you love. Don't back down. And stand up to bullys. Also, if your being bullied- tell an adult! I'm serious tell them! Bullying went on after that and I told my mom and it helped! I'm serious! Don't ever be afraid to  you parents, a teacher or another trusted adult
I hope this post has helped or encouraged someone out there.


  1. Wow! That's really good!
    I have been 'bullied' too, but guess what? Who cares about them? I don't. They just don't understand, so leave them be!


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