Friday, January 10, 2014

AGplace Seattle- Isabelle Reveal - 2014

 I'll re reviewing what I think of Isabelles collection today!

 The pants are still kinda odd, but I don't mind them like I thought I would once in person!

 Tutu is cute! But nothing to special.

 Here is her photo-booth thingy.. lol....
 I ADORE the Isabelle doll, (obviously I bought her...) Her accessories are amazing, too! I didn't get them though. I hate the fact they raised JUST the GOTY prices to $120 though.. :(

 Her studio is *AMAZING* but not worth $275. Although I want it *BADLY* lol.

 Online on December 31st I didn't like this, now I do! Its super cute.
 This. Is. Amazing. <3 I'd use all the leotards for gymnastics!
 LOVE the legwarmers set also.

 Her barre is cool! All though the actual barre piece is plastic, the other part is metal.
 LOVE anything sparkly.
 So the leggings are growing on me, love the sparkly skirt, and then really??? A sports top? I might get it to layer over a tank top as a crop top look, but NOT EVER just that. (Unless its under something)
 LOVE the scrunch-pants!
 Cute! But not mt fave....
 I can't explain how I love the sweater. <3 (But hate it with that skirt sorry)
 ACK! AMAZINGNESS! (Like Mias sweater!)
 Yes. Just, yes. I also wish it came as a leotard though.

And her exclusive shirt which is amazingly sparkly in person!

I'll do another post on the other new stuff later..

Silence. :)


  1. That's awesome that you got her! I think that she's $120 because of her pink hairpiece.

  2. I was there too :) What day/time were you there- they didn't have the shirts when I went midday on the second :(

  3. I love the studio too but the only thing I would really want from it is the sewing machine. It's so cute! I agree with you about the sports top. And I really like her fingerless gloves and the picture you took of them!

  4. @Juliet- Sorry I didn't respond sooner! I was there on January 1st around 12 I believe. :) I'm sorry, such a bummer! :(

    @Christina L- Possibly, but all the GOTYS/MAGS/Historical come with an accessory in their box so I'm not sure. It's just my opinion but I believe they did it because they know people will pay for a limited doll..

    @BFFcowgirl- Thanks! :)

  5. We are looking forward to making some new furniture for Isabelle - we've made special beds for almost all the AG girls each year!
    See us at Do you have any suggestions for Isabelle's style? - Leigh & Kathleen

  6. Hey there! Thanks so much for commenting! :D

    Your website is so cool, I love what you do!
    Wow, thanks for asking me! Here is how I would design her bed..

    I think I would do it white, with the headboard having ballet shoes (pointe shoes with the ribbons flowing around them on the ground) painted on it, then I would have a pink bedspread with ballet shoes on it, as well! :)
    Thanks again,
    Silence. :)

  7. Some of her things I'm not so crazy about like her cat tutu which like you said isn't so special, but some of her other things are really cute though.


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