Friday, January 3, 2014


Hey Ya'll!

Meet Isabelle (probably being renamed)

I 100% recommend Isabelle! She is gorgeous!

She has gorgeous hazel eyes..

And silky, blonde hair. Seriously- softest doll hair I've felt!

She is just beautiful! 

Ill be doing a seperate review on her hair-piece and clothes!

Sorry for -meh- picture quality, the weather is meh and yah.

Thanks for all the lovely comments!


(Just for the record I did post this yesterday and the publish failed sorry!)


  1. She's a cutie :) I saw her yesterday at AGP Seattle, the eyes are gorgeous. However, I will respectfully disagree that it is the softest doll hair. I personally love Josefina's hair, it's my favorite :)
    Not trying to start a fight (see rule 4), just gotta defend my girl ;)

  2. Wow she is so pretty!!! Agh! I just love her! Maybe there will be a way I can win her this year... :)

  3. Juliet- You are totally fine! Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion! I agree that Josefinas hair is super soft, but mine, her hair gets ratty pretty easily, so it's hard to keep up with.

    Christina- That would be totally awesome! :)

  4. She is adorable! Congratulations! <3

  5. I love Isabelle! but I don't think I have enough money for her though, but maybe by chance I'll win her who knows (I hope I do!:) she is absolutely adorable! And I would love to get her!


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