Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AG place!

Hiya everyone!

I went to AG place a couple weeks ago, sadly I can't reveal which one for safety reasons, but I CAN show you pictures!
**Sorry for bad lighting AG's lighting is horrid in there for pictures**

*****WARNING***** ****PICTURE HEAVY***** LOL

Saige!! I love Saige and am more than likely going to be getting her for my Bday this year!

Her meet boots! These I bet would go good with her sweater outfit jeans..

*Doubly horrid pic I know*
Saige in her hot air balloon! In her Sparkle dress.

Rembrandt! Thinking about getting him..

Saige in her pajamas with Rembrandt!

*Really sorry its sideways*

I'm not sure if those above were from when I went Jan 1st or the one a couple weeks ago, maybe both, sorry!

I got lots of pics of bitty baby/twins!

Cutie patooties!

Sorry for the glare, they were behind glass.. :(

Again, sorry for the bad glare! Ugh! But, I ADORE these twins, they are so darn cute!

 Ballerina girls!

Another pic of those girls..

The crib.. It is really cute and the spinny thing really spins.. Sorry.. Can't remember what its called, its on the tip of my tongue! ARGH!

Again.. Sorry.. But aren't they cuties??

I love these twins, too..

Cuties! (their in a wagon)

I love the luggage set.

I LOVE this outfit!


I love the babies!

Adore the outfit on the left! Right is fine, not my fave but still cute!

Hehe, thats cute!

I love both these! That hat is darling, it would be so cute on all the dolls. I bet it would be cute on the bald dolls too. I love the turquoise color of the other outfit, too! I love all the colors.

*sorry* Aren't they cute, though?


The accessories.

LOVE these!

Awww! Their twins!

I don't really like this outfit.. It looks like the big girl one... No offense to anyone!

 Picnic time!! (Or, so it looks, our weather wouldn't agree to it, though..)

Now, onto the big dollies!!

JLY.. 27 or 22, can't tell 'cause of the stupid bad lighting. (No offense, AG!)

Gimme a hug!!! LOL.

I love these, so why haven't I bought them yet??

I love this dollie! And her jammies..

♥ her curls!! But I think they might be re-curled curls.. make sense?

Ooh, I like this shot!!

JLY 55! Whom I dubbed Cainlee. :) she is a cutie.

I love boots... Sorry, I do. :D

Hi! She says, I think she may be waving.. ;)

LOVE #56, I want her. I don't know what to name her, a long time ago, (when she came out) I dubbed her Spira, because of her curls, but, I dunno...

*Sigh..* so cute. I've heard of her named Dabbie, before, which I thought was really cute! (If your out there, reading my blog, Ms,, I like that you named her Dabbie!)

She is so cute!!

They are in the new exclusive bikini.

Cute bag! ♥ polka dots!

Cute toes!! :0 hehe!

Suncsreen, heehee!

 I like her!! I think she was JLY 53 whom I think would make a great Josie from Mckenna! :D

Love this outfit!

Love this purse.. Who doesn't love a cute purse?

I like these girls!

Hehe, cutie!

 Hello, sweetie!

Loved this outfit since it came out, but I just don't know about buying it, yet.. :( She is so cute, though!  (I do have the backpack set, not anything else though in that scene)

So again sorry for bad quality, but hey I got them up!!

Silence and the dollz.

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  1. Hi Si'! Great post<3 Love all of the dollies! Really love the layered outfit<3 Great pic's (even if the lighting wasn't right<3)!!!



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