Friday, January 18, 2013


Quiz time!!

I decided to do a quiz! You can comment your answers Just write, like, for example, 1B for answer to question one, or whatever letter you think is the answer, got it!? KK!

1.) Who was my first AG doll?

A.) Nicki
B.) Kanani
C.) Cecile
D.) Samantha

2.) Who is next on my wishlist?

A.) Caroline
B.) #56
C.) Saige
D.) Kit

3.)  How many GOTY dolls do I have?

A.) 1
B.) 4

I know its short.. But enjoy! I promise those pictures by Monday!
Love to all and everyone,
Silence and the dollz.

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  1. Hi Silence! Here's what I think:


    Your Horsey BFF


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