Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello my dears!

Can you believe it is already 2013? I mean, just last yesterday I bought Samantha!  Or, so it seems..

Don't you guys just LOVE Saige? I'm most definately getting her!
Here is what I think of her collection;

                                                       * I give all credit to BabyGizmo*

She is SO beautiful! I went to the American Girl Store yesterday, and SO wanted to buy her, but instead I got something else which I'll show in a minute.  I LOVE her blue eyes and freckles, and her hair color is the same exact as mine! :D And I have freckles.. :O My hair is wavy, and when I do pin-curls, its the same exact! I LOVE her dress, and the fact that she comes with a ring. The ring is taped to the inside of the box, I've heard, so don't accidentally throw it away!

Her Accessories;

I am SO definately getting this! I almost got it yesterday but it costs $28! I LOVE the earrings, I have Nicki with her ears pierced and Elizabeth has hers, so this would be a good set for me! I love LOVE the bracelet too!

I bought this!!! IT IS SO CUTE! It is one of my best AG buys ever, it is so cute! I am so happy AG finally made 'jeggings' because I wear Super Skinny jeans all the time and I have a VERY close sweater only in gray, and held up this sweater is rectangle mine is oval.. Anyhoo, I will be doing a review on it this week. It costs $34, by the way.

Saiges Horse Picasso, $38-132. He is SO cute, , and his front leg is postionable! :D I didn't like him at first but now I do! His speckles are very cute and his tale/mane is SO cute!

Saiges Parade Outfit $34
This is really cute! But I'm not sure I'll be getting it, it depends on how the year goes and how my taste changes and if it gets cuter or uglier. LOL!

Saiges Parade Hat and Helmet $20

The hat is felt! Its cute but not getting it. (Prob)

Saiges Hot Air Ballon; $150
THIS IS SO CUTE! IT is HUGE! At first when i saw it online I was like; I am getting this! Because in comparison its not as spendy as some, but when I saw the dimensions at the store (they had it displayed) I was like; OMW! It does deflate, though, or you could hang it from the ceiling... I love it, though! And I really want it.. It would be GREAT for photo stories and scenes!

Saiges Sparkle Dress $30
I might get this.. We'll see... It IS so cute though.. Humph. LOL. Maybe for my Bday, or before.. We'll have to see. Maybe I'll get all the Saige outfits, that would be cool!

Saiges Dog Rembrandt; $24
He is SO cute! And very soft.. I don't know if I'll get him becuase of his price, though..

Saiges Pajamas; $24

First, these are the same price as the dog.... Wow.. They are very cute, though! I could easily make the shorts and shirt, but maybe if I collect her outfits I'll get it. I can't have all but one, though!

Saiges Painting Set; $48.

This. Is. So. Cute!!! I want it SO bad. It would be so fun! I loved it since I saw it online!!!  It is spendy, but we'll see!

I didnt do Saiges books, but yah.

I'll do the MAG stuff soon!

Love ya'll!
Silence and the Dollz.

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