Friday, October 4, 2013

Delayed ThrowBack Thursday...

Hey guys!

So sorry I didn't post Throwback Thursday yesterday...... I got busy in the morn, spaced out at night.. yah...

Guys, I feel horrible for not posting. Please tell me I'm not failing at this blog, and no one has given up on me yet. :'(

I promise more posts are coming soon!

I have just been busy with starting up HomeSchool Again, my brothers school schedule, and pretty soon I'm starting up Gymnastics, but thats only once a week for an hour.;)

Seriously, though, I hadn't even picked up my doll for a week and a half till today, because I had family in town.
No, I'm not losing interest in dolls. Never.

So anyways.. Here is ThrowBack Thursday, with pics from me;

 The shoes are SO cute! I love these, I love them so much I half-want the purple Espadrilles.
 They are almost a canvas type fabric, with white bows and white stretchy stuff on the sides.

 There are four, blue, buttons on the front.

 The hat is the same material as the shoes, but the white ribbon is actually gros-grain.

 When it was still available it was $28.

 It has actual pockets.
 The whole outfit.

So next weeks theme for ThrowBack Thursday is Retired holiday dresses. Historical or JLY. So please send in!

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this post! It was part photoshoot part TT. ;D


  1. I love that outfit! I don't own it, though :P
    And you are definitely not failing!!! It's tough to post a lot, I know :)

  2. You are not failing this blog, and I have not given up on you and I never will! You are doing awesome! I love those pictures. :)


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