Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Round 2 entries!!!


So everyone sent in their entries so I'll post them!!
Christina L; Love the coloring!
Willow; Love the photo!! The shadows are fun!

Dollgirl4; I love this dress!

The two people advancing are....

Christina L

Sorry Dollgirl4, thanks for entering! I will have more contests soon!

So the next round was going to be shoes, but i decided to switch and go with

Jeans and Sweaters.

It's pretty specific but this is the final round! 

(If you don't have either of those things just go with on or the other)

So the deadline is OCTOBER 22! A week from today the 15th!

Make these photos the best you've ever taken!

Email me entries as usual here; mydollsandmeag@gmail.com


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