Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Draw My Life!

Hi guys!
This is Draw my AG life, but instead of a video, its with pictures! (I couldn't figure out the camera angle me drawing and everything in between.. lol. And I can't edit vids. :P)
So enjoy! (Sorry if you can't read my writing on the board, lol! And yes their bad drawings..)

 In 2006/7 we were at a friends house and she had Jess and Marisol.

 I fell in LOVE!

December 2007 I got Nicki after asking, as a present! WOOHOO!

 We matched, because my Grandma had also gotten me Nickis meet outfit and hat!
 We did everything together!
 In March 2008 I fell in LOVE with Felicity! So I asked my Dad if he would pay half, he said yes!
 FINALLY, I had saved up enough!
 Later that year I wanted Elizabeth... I did the same deal with my Dad.
 But Elizabeth came damaged.. :( (After long shipping, too!) {I'm not positive this happened, we don't remember for sure, but I'm pretty sure)
 Now I had 3 dolls, I was so happy!
 It was 2009 and Rebecca had just been released, I LOVED her!
 So in December 2009 I got her for a present!
 In January 2011 I got a phone call from my Grandma, she told me to guess what store was opening in Seattle, I didn't want to sound silly, but I thought I knew! Turned out, I was right!
 My First time going to AG, I barely slept the night before and could only eat half an apple for breakfast, to excited, and nervous!
 I couldn't decide between 2 dolls.. :( Josefina and Kanani, I was in tears. One of the grandmas I was with stepped in and said she would get it for me as an early holidays gift.
 Now I had 6 amazing dolls!
 March 2012 and I found a yardsale with AG! Thankfully we had errands to run out that way so we stopped by.
 Turned out Samantha was the last one there, someone else had came and bought the rest, but Samantha hadn't been out yet! YAY! I only had $30 but my mom let me borrow money.
 June 2012 I finally bought Cecile, after falling in love with her during her release.
 July 2013 I found a  Molly on Craigslist, it was make offer, so I offered $20, she accepted! I was going to sell, but when I saw she was whitebodied, I couldn't part, I had always told myself I'd have all the originals.
 July 2013 I finally bought Saige, half planning on selling her at Christmas, but couldn't stand having an un-opened doll I didn't own.. So I opened her! And I'm glad I did!
(Sorry upside down) Now here I am, with 10 lovely dolls and happy me!

I hope you enjoyed!!

Stay tuned for a new doll coming January 1st 2014!


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