Friday, June 14, 2013

Interview with Addie!


Today I have an interview with Addie, of Crafting with MnM. The link to her blog is at the bottom of this post. :)

1.) How did you find my blog?
 I love reading and following blogs and just stumbled upon your blog from another blog! 

2.) Is there anything I could do to improve my blog?
   I think your blog is great! It's hard to think about something you need to improve. :P

3.) How did you find out about American Girl?
    My Granny and aunt Sally bought me an AG doll on christmas of 2009! I didn't know about the blogging world until this January though so I'm fairly new! :)

4.) What American Girl dolls do you have?
  I have Molly and love her sooo much! My sister Eden has Julie!

5.) Who was your first?
     Molly! She is my one and only AG!

6.) Why did you create your blog?
      I first created my blog to put my shop on! I will soon open my shop and sell doll clothes but until then.... :)
   Now I post crafts and other fun stuff! I'm really enjoying it!

7.) What doll do you hope to get next?
     I REALLY REALLY want Saige!!! But.... I would love a Madame Alexander 18inch doll! 

8.) Whats your favorite item from American Girl besides a doll?
    I Love the BATHTUB! I have no idea why but I'm just naturally attracted to it. :)

9.) Who is your favorite American Girl?
    I'd say Molly!  I ALSO LOVE LOVE LOVE SAIGE!

10.) What do you hope to see on my blog in the future? 
    Maybe some fun crafts and a contest or two! Of course I think you should do a writing contest or something!

Thanks so much, Addie!


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  1. Hi!
    My name is Anna, and I recently discovered your blog. I love it! I saw your interview today with Addie, and I was wondering if you'd consider doing one with me.? Here's the link to my blog:
    Its ok if you say no :D Oh and by the way I have the Felicity Doll.


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