Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shave Ice Stand

"Hi my name is Molly how may I help you today?"
Just kidding! Though I will have a photo story on that later on... :) I'm just going to show you around my Shave Ice Stand, Akinas. :) So that was the top part of the shave ice stand. There is shelves with food etc.

This is the lower half. The colorfulness on the shelf on the left hand is actually paint, but it looks good as shave ice flavors. ;P I'm gonna paint my shave ice cones. lol. Then there are two blue containers where they keep their aprons, and a garbage bucket. Below is two ice containers. Let me show you whats inside.

The silver one...

The red one... The red one has Ice Cream and shave ice, the silver one has drinks and food.

This is an attached section of the store. :) Like, you can go outside if you don't wanna come in, similar to a drivethru. A walkthru, you could say. But if you wanna go inside and look around.. :) But there isn't seating. lol.

These are nummy SMORES!!!

Cupcakes muffins and candy..

Cash register at the walkthru. (Walkthru, I crack myself up.)

And thats the shave ice stand. I'll do the bedroom, kitchen, and living room another day. :)


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