Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hiya peeps!
Yesterday I went to the  AG store... :) A review is coming up... For the cami and brief dots set!
Its soo cute!

I also found some pleasant company AG books, for FREE at a yard sale! And another doll sized find..... :D

I love this photo I took of my neighbors Mia doll, its soo pretty! It looks like her hair is blowing in the wind. I took this last year, by the way.

 (Also took last year)  My Elizabeth.

My photos wiill be getting a lot better now! I got a new camera!! A Canon PowerShot Elph 130. It. Is. AMAZING! I LOVE it! Its exactly what I wanted and needed! I TOTALLY reccomend it! I also have a Nikon s3100. I don't like it. SO that will be my beater camera, and I also have a new one!!! ^.^ I'm SOOO happy!!!!!!!! I'll actually be able to have NICE photos again!

Anyways, thanks for 19 followers, one more and I'll have a giveaway!
P.S. I'm also going to do a contest soon!
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Hey everyone!
Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my blog, from now on I'll try my best to reply to my commenters. Each and every comment, now matter how short makes my day. Before you get started commenting though, just a couple rules.

1.) Please don't swear, its not attractive.
2.) Be polite
3.) Everybody is entitled to their own opinion so...
4.) Please don't start fights!
Thanks, now have fun!
Silence. :) <3 I love ya'll!