Thursday, June 13, 2013

Interview with Mikaela Vall!

Hey peeps!

Thanks to the WONDERFUL Mikaela Vall of My AG Dollies let me interview her!
Thanks so much!

1.) How did you come to learn about American Girl? I first learned about AG when i got the catalog sent to me, and i sure did get crazy about AG!

2.) Who was your first American Girl? My first ag was American girl just like you #13, with brown hair and brown eyes. I wanted a doll who looked just like me, and i thought i met my match!
3.) Who is your favorite American Girl? My favorite american girl is Saige and JLY #41. I hope to get JLY #41 this summer.

4.) How did you stumble upon my blog? I read about your blog on My american girl's story, and i got addicted!

5.) Is there anything I could do to improve my blog? Not really. I love it the way it is!

6.) What is your favorite American Girl item you own besides a doll? My monster high doll, Lagoona.

7.) Why did you create a doll blog? I saw other girls with blogs and i wanted to make one too!
8.) What do you feature on your blog? I do interviews and i blog about all kinds of dolls, review products, and post photos!

9.) Is American Girl your favorite doll brand? YES!!!!!

10. Who is the next American Girl you plan to buy? JLY #41!

Thanks for interviewing me, Silence!

No problem, Mikaela! Tomorrow I have an intereview from the awesome AGChloeAndZoe, and on Monday, an interview from Addie! Thanks, girls!


  1. Could you interview me sometime??? <3 it!!!

  2. Of course, Autumn! Email me anytime and I'll send you questions! Here is my email;


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