Thursday, November 29, 2012

American Girl Contest!!

Hey everyone!

Has anyone heard of American Girl Contest? Well, it is this very fun contest on this blog, (not a normal blog it's only for this contest). This lady, (I'm not sure who), started this photo contest. Someone else won that first round, and she became the judge. The "judge" chooses what theme for the people who have signed up to take photo's of, and they have to use whatever doll they signed up. (You choose one doll to sign up and you cannot change it later that season, other dolls can be in the photo's but whomever you signed up HAS to be the main doll in the photo. Some themes that have happened are Wonderland, Remembering you, (Here is my photo for Remembering You) 

 Yes, I made that saying up myself. Hehe. I thought it was good! I got eliminated this round, though. Every round 1 or 2 people get eliminated so eventually there is a winner! :)

Please go check it out! Here is the link! Please sign up, there are still 6 slots open! 
Here are a few more pictures I took for that contest:

Memories (was the theme)

 Making a change:
(going to middle school)


In the summer I...

Things I love:
When I grow up:
And I think that is all the pics I did! :) I mean all the rounds. :)

Love ya'll!
Silence and the dolls.


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