Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dolltography Tuesday! {1 day late}

Hey Everyone!

So every Tuesdsay I will do a post on here with Doll Photography that I have taken! I know it is one day late this week, but that is because I started this blog yesterday, (Tuesday) and came up with the idea today! (Wednesday) And I didn't feel like waiting another week.. So, anyways, here are some details on "Dolltography Tuesday"

Every week I will take some photo's of my dolls, (or, if I don't have time to take them, I will choose random ones off of my computer!) Which, in this case, I don't feel like going and taking pictures, uploading them, and posting them right this very minute. But, during the whole of this week, I will take tons of wonderful doll photo's, and give you a great treat next week. But, for now, you get old photo's. But old things are sweet, right?

Love this picture! Sorry for my shadow, though...
My dolls are so awesome, they can play with balls.. LOL, after lots of trial and error shots, I threw the ball just right, and didn't get my hand in the picture! *claps*
I have always been very, very proud of this picture!
It looks so real, (too me, anyways) I mean so realistic! Like they are walking up the drive/steps to a new school, like in one of those movies.. Does that make any sense?

Just horsing around...

Silence and the dolls.

*I took all these pictures, all by myself*


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  1. Hello my dearest Silence! Wonderful post and beautiful things you got for your dolls(on last post)!
    I know a way I can get you a few followers!!!! Make a blog button and i'll put it on my blog!!! Or you can email me a picture and I'll make you one! Can wait for more posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love you!



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