Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Doll I would ♥ to have!

Hey everyone! I hope I'm not overwhelming you with posts, but I am very excited with having this new blog, so the traffic will probably slow down to 1 post a day within the next few weeks, but during these first couple days/weeks there may be 1-2-3 a day. I will have to see how it goes. :)

  Aubrey is #1 on my list right now- she is just such a gorgeous doll.. If you want to see more home pictures of her, please go to this link.  Oh, and she is JLY #38

 (Sorry for this one being bigger than the last.. Don't know why) Um, I can't decide on a name for her. I'm thinking Zhu-Zhu, in a story I was writing I was thinking of Marty. Maddie, (my friend suggested that, but Maddie- I would name her after you!) Or Destiny Alice Renee - (dunno last name)  I am writing a story about her and Aubrey, they are both in an orphanage together one gets adopted then eventually they both get adopted by the same person.. I will post that story on here soon. :) It's really good, if I do say so myself.. hehe. She is #2 on my list. If you want to see more pics of her at homes, please go here. She, so you know, is JLY #35

Lindsey Bergman, first GOTY ever- cherished and archived doll, a pal, to many girls- a first doll- a loved doll- a doll that people are trying to get even know, people like me. Who find the value in these old dolls. I have been trying to find Lindsey on all sorts of online websites, including Ebay, if you happen to run across one for under $100 on there, please, give me the link. I would love it! ;) Lindsey I want to get when I can, in no particular order or anything, because that would be too hard. Lindsey was introduced in 2001, and some websites say she was GOTY through 2002, some say no.

 Kailey Hopkins- 2nd ever GOTY doll, introduced in 2003, a doll I would love to own, but, like Lindsey was retired, so I am searching, too, for her on Ebay, if you run across her, please send me the link! You can leave it to me in a comment, I get them before they are published. :) And again, I want to get her when I can, not in any order. :) Kailey was GOTY through 2004. Unlike most who are only here for a year. :) here is links to pics of her.

 Caroline Abbot, newest Historical character, released on September 4th, I didn't want her at first.. Now she is very pretty! :) I don't know when I will get her, if I for sure will- but someday I hope to. She looks very good as a modern GOTY.  pics of caro!

As of right now, I don't have a name for lovely JLY #58, but soon I will have to come up with a name. She looks absolutely ADORABLE with headbands in her hair! I hope to get her someday soon! She would be very cute since I have Cecile, especially! :)

 Kirsten, but as she is retired whenever..

Never was a Molly fan, but if it is a PM Molly, oh yah! And she is growing on me..
Never wanted Kit, because of short hair, but I borrowed my neighbors now I do.. But only if I can get her from cheap somewhere online. :)

Nellie, retired also but I have Sam so I need her! I'll do a post on my Sam, soon, she really is amazing.. :)
Please, don't think me spoiled. These are just dolls I would like to have, I love my dolls too-  don't get me wrong, but they would love to add some sisters to their family. ;)

Please go here if you would like to see the visual chart of which JLY dolls are which!

Thanks for reading, and please comment saying what dolls you would like!
Silence and the dolls.

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