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Welcome to my new blog, My Dolls And Me; An American Girl Doll Blog. I started this blog because I love American Girl Dolls, I have eight of my own, Nicki, Felicity, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Kanani, Samantha, and Cecile. You can learn more about them, (when and how I got them) on their page, which you can locate by clicking on the "meet the dolls' tab at the top of this blog.

I will try to post on this blog every day, or every other- but sometimes life catches up with you and you completely forget- so please don't get mad if that happens. I will post a reminder for myself somewhere to post on this blog.

When I post I will include photos every or almost time, they will always be taken by me unless otherwise noted. I have been very excited to create this blog; I have never had an all AG all the time blog all to myself- but I do share one, please click the link which is under my profile. It is "Everything AG With Silence and Willow".  I will have guest posts sometimes, too. Which will be very fun, I hope to my fellow readers.

I am on a wonderful message board called the "American Girl Fan Message Board " All the girls on there are very sweet, and it is fun to post our views and opinions on AG. Everybody is so different so it is nice to see things from others point of views. 

I hope to have many faithful followers one day, and hope to have giveaways, blog birthdays, (when this new blogs turns however many years old) and other fun things. I will be doing lots of reviews on doll things, post about what AG things I want, what I think of the new AG things when they are released, talk about everything AG in general. So please, do me a favor, and click the "follow that blog" button on the side of the blog, it would mean so much to me. 
Thank you for reading and hopefully following.
Silence and the Dolls.

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